Airdate: Countdown To Life: The Extraordinary Making Of You


This week ABC premieres new factual series, Countdown To Life: The Extraordinary Making Of You, presented by Michael Mosley.

From the makers of Human Universe, this fascinating series tells the amazing story of how we are made. With privileged access to the first beats of a human heart, this series uses groundbreaking imagery to capture all the drama of human development. 100 trillion cells. 280 days. One human life. The person you are was decided before you were even born. The way you smile, the environments you thrive in, the colour of your eyes – from the moment you’re conceived to the moment you’re born, each critical event in the womb can change your life forever.

In episode one, Michael Mosley tells the story of our first eight weeks – the most perilous time in the womb. This is when everything about who we are hangs in the balance – when the layout of our organs is determined, when our heart makes its first beat, and when the length of our lives could be decided. Told through a series of surprising, moving and inspirational human stories, we discover how the journey to becoming a human being is a rollercoaster ride when anything can – and does – happen.

Tuesday 2nd February, 8:30pm ABC.

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