Australian Open tops Sunday TV battle

Ratings: Seven wins the first night of unofficial TV war, while Celebrity launch improves on 2014.


In a TV war no surprises that Novak Djokovic beats Val Lehman.

In the first unofficial night of the TV war (ratings don’t begin until Sunday), Seven’s Australian Open drew 1.68m viewers (Australian Open: Presentation).

TEN’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! pulled 1.32m viewers. Both topped Nine’s Cricket at 1.03m viewers.

Seven won the night with a 33.7% share, followed by Nine on 28.1% and TEN 20.2%. Some distance behind were ABC (13.3%) and SBS (4.7%).

The bulk of Seven’s tennis averaged 1.62m viewers. Viewing was highest in Melbourne, up to 631,000 viewers.

Nine won the News battle at 1.21m viewers over Seven’s 1.04m.

TEN’s reality show has improved on the 2015 launch of 1.2m viewers. Elsewhere the launch of The X Files was 909,000 for TEN and Modern Family was 839,000. But there were low numbers for Limitless at just 282,000 viewers. 87,000 remembered to sample Get Me Out of Here Now! on ELEVEN.

The Australian Open was well down on 2015’s 2.09m viewers (Presentation).

Full ratings wraps resume next week.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 31 January 2016.

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  1. Great ratings for ten and good counter point programming to sports .. but badly let down by Family Feud at 6pm and the multi channels .. Maybe Ten would be wise to bring Sports Tonighf back at 6 on weekends

  2. Watched the fist twenty or so minutes to see who the ‘celebrities’ were, didn’t know many of them so switched off and went out for dinner. Came home and watched the second innings of the cricket.

  3. Agreed that IAC Now was dreadful. It was painfully obvious that they had very little content to work with so were stretching out their rehashing of what had already been broadcast. The bit where the hosts attempted to show skydiving on the floor was absolutely cringe-worthy. The Merv Hughes interview was completely pointless – his comments that the lineup was ‘interesting’ and that there was ‘a few people to keep your eye on’.

    Wow, what a scoop.

    Heather seemed extremely nervous everytime she was on camera and kept giggling in a very childish way. Telling your audience ‘that is so funny’ is not good hosting – its for your audience to decide if something is funny or not. Joels camp bitchiness is quite polarising and I think an hour every night is going to be too much for most viewers.

    1. I think that’s a pretty good summary. Like many it seems I also didn’t last long with Joel and Heather either. I watched the end of the X-Files and then switched to 11, at which point the two hosts were just finishing a segment before going to a commercial break. So I grabbed the remote and switched over to ABC2 and watched a true celebrity comedian, Fiona O’Loughlin, doing a stand up routine. I think 10 could have timed things better between the two shows. I did switch back to Get Me Out after Fiona finished and wasn’t impressed with what I saw. I can’t see myself giving it another go.

  4. Didn’t watch Get me out of here at all – But I did watch I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here I think 1 show a night is enough I think Get Me Out of here is too long at an hour maybe should be only 15 Minutes

  5. Get Me Out of Here Now! on ELEVEN – only made it two minutes in before switching off – wasn’t a good start for that one at all (recorded and watched later in the night). I thought there could have been a little more thought put in to programming last night by Ten as based on EPG the first 7 minutes on ELEVEN would have overlapped with X Files on Ten. Also X Files started 3 minutes early based on EPG – lucky I recorded Modern Family as well in case there was a big overrun for Celeb which caught the start of X Files.

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