Best Bits clip show for Seven

Exclusive: A NZ clip show with a panel of comedians is to have an Australian version.


EXCLUSIVE: Seven has given the greenlight to a new panel show featuring TV clips, Best Bits.

The series has been airing in New Zealand on TV ONE for three seasons, currently hosted by comedian Jesse Mulligan.

NZ production company The Down Low Concept (Cover Band, 7 Days) will produce the Australian series, which will feature both Aussie & international TV clips seen across the previous week. A panel of comedians then discuss the clips, adding their own punchlines.

Networks have had mixed fortunes with clip-based shows. Seven has previously screened TV Burp with Ed Kavalee while Nine is reviving 20 to 1 and TEN / Foxtel series Gogglebox is set to screen its third season in April.

Production is expected to start in coming weeks.

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  1. Sounds fun. Hopefully it going to like more satirical version Media Watch on ABC with slip-ups, stuff-ups and production issues from the past week. Episode 1 title should be “Nine News Blackout. When somebody forgot to pay the electricity bill… twice]

      1. Good Idea maybe tell Jones Bay … on that list will be Simon Reeves, Natalie Barr, the sunrise weather people, the host of the Mole, Daniel McPherson and Kochie… then they will try and get a big name like Hamish & Andy, Dave Hughes or Julia Morris… predictable Seven.

    1. It is, believe you me. The network in NZ created this show off the back of a another highly successful news-based panel show that broadcasts on a rival network in order to entice a younger demographic. The first series had an entirely different format, and after that failed, they revamped the show entirely which failed again.

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