Bumped: Australia’s Got Talent, 60 Minutes


Nine has done a switcheroo on Australia’s Got Talent and 60 Minutes this coming Sunday, following low numbers for AGT last night.

The schedule is now:

7pm 60 Minutes
8pm Australia’s Got Talent
9:15pm The Amazing Noughties
10:15pm Nairobi: Terror in the Mall

AGT will still go up against MKR next Monday unless there is a further change, but the options (at least for new content) are pretty slim.

At least moving 60 Minutes to 7pm gets rid of its odd 8:15 starting time and moves it away from Sunday Night which Seven resumes at 8:30pm this Sunday.


  1. AGT would have to be the worst show on tv at the moment .cringworthy took a glimpse last night the host dresses like bogan, get a suit man .your not on radio your on tv.

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