Report: Hamish & Andy returning to Seven?


Updated: Speculation today about the next move by Hamish and Andy.

According to showbiz reporter Peter Ford the pair are signing a new deal with Seven, where they previously launched Hamish and Andy in 2004, but the show only lasted 6 episodes before they headed to TEN with Roving Enterprises, building their brand together with a hit radio show.

However later this morning a Nine spokesperson denied the report indicating that “the network remains close to Hamish & Andy and is talking to them about their next series.”

Whether that means a Seven deal is in place in addition to, or after a Nine series is unclear. Nine is yet to indicate it has signed the pair for more Gap Year.

“We’ve done some research on Africa and the Middle East. Both of them are touchy in regards to logistics and security. I wouldn’t say there was any chance this year, but we haven’t put our passports away,” the duo told TV Tonight last year.

Seven boss Tim Worner is known to be a big fan of the boys work, previously acknowledging he probably let the pair get away too quickly.

Both have been nominated for Gold Logies in the past, with Blake winning in 2012.

Seven is yet to respond to enquiries.


  1. Go! aired an animated short of Hamish and Andy’s radio show before Survivor last week, so I assumed Nine had renewed their relationship. It would be weird to see them back on Seven.

  2. Regardless of what channel they’re on I won’t be watching them period. I don’t like them and I don’t think they are funny at all. How they won a gold Logie is beyond me really.

  3. I don’t think they’re essentially that funny, and I can’t imagine doing two hours of radio per day plus TV is going to help (unless they have writers). And Seven is usually poison for light entertainment/comedy.

    However, what they are good at is connecting to their audience/fan base and I’m sure they’ll get viewers no matter what they do or which channel they’re on.

  4. Daniel – I think you’re spot on. I had hoped they would return to Ch 10, as that’s where they found their success. However, I’m happy as long as they’re on TV!

  5. I’d love to see them host a Rove Live type show. It’s something really missing from our TVs. They do lots of different skits on their radio show which could easily translate to TV plus there would be a primetime show available for bands and performers to go on.

    • Same here. They or someone else need to do a show like that. Closest things we have at the moment is morning TV and being given the last three minutes or so of The Project.

      Would be good to see Hamish and Andy do a live show again somewhat similar to what they did way back on seven but just allow for guests and performers too this time.

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