Andy Lee ready to surprise on Hamish & Andy’s “Perfect” Holiday

EXCLUSIVE: When Nine announced Hamish & Andy’s “Perfect” Holiday at its 2019 Upfronts there wasn’t much detail on the show.

But Andy Lee has revealed the format, telling TV Tonight, “The twist this time around is I have organised a bunch of activities for Hamish and he’s organised a bunch of things for me to do.

“It’s been interesting in the research phase because we’ve spent a little less time together,” he said.

“There will be genuine surprises along the whole trip. So there is a touch more trust in the preparation of this show, which I’m really excited about. We had an element of that with Gap Year but about 50% of that we knew where we were going together.”

Filming is due to begin in May. Like the Gap Year series, this will shoot overseas, returning to some familiar continents, but with some new destinations.

“Perfect” Holiday may also indicate the duo have mellowed somewhat.

“It’s a natural evolution of our ages. We won’t be as wild and crazy as we’ve been in the past. But I’m nervous at what Hamish has brewing for me so I have some things that might make him uncomfortable,” Lee continued.

“If Gap Year was about looking deep into the culture of things, this time around I’m picking activities that make you say ‘Wow that seems interesting, let’s go and try it.’

“Certainly you won’t see us doing anything we’ve done before.”

While Lee will return to Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and Hamish Blake fronts the upcoming Lego Masters, both are looking forward to resuming their chemistry on air. He promises plenty of surprises in store.

“I thought ‘We’ve done 7 different travel shows, are we going to be able to surprise everyone?’ But when I saw the research, oh my god there’s so much left. The world’s crazy! Particularly if they are remote and they don’t have a lot of money, the ways people can work out how to entertain themselves are truly perplexing!”

It will air on Nine later this year.


  1. Gap Year was a fun show and all, but I literally spat coffee all over my desk when I read this line.

    ‘If Gap Year was about looking deep into the culture of things’.


    • Actually I disagree. There were definitely times it looked into culture through humour. Where else on TV do you see the rocket festival in rural Thailand to wake up the rain gods? Or the cosmetic superman of the Philippines? Let alone on commercial TV.

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