Today wins first two weeks of ratings over Sunrise

Not just bad press for an unfunny sketch, now Sunrise loses the first 2 ratings weeks to Today.


Today has snatched the first two weeks of the ratings year from Sunrise.

Feb 8-12
Today: 339,000
Sunrise: 325,000

Feb 15-19
Today: 320,000
Sunrise: 304,000

The shift follows a much-criticised “Sex and the City” sketch in which Sunrise presenters donned wigs before US actress Kristen Davis. Sam Armytage defended the show in the media after copping the brunt of an outspoken column by ABC presenter Virginia Haussegger.

Social media also lashed out at the sketch as unfunny, despite an earlier interview with Davis discussing her UNHCR role.

But there have been other recent adjustments in breakfast TV that may have impacted on numbers too.

Both shows have undergone set revamps, with Sunrise adding Edwina Bartholomew as a 5th presenter, whilst ditching segment regulars. Nine has also rebranded Mornings as Today Extra in a bid to align the two shows more closely.

Of the 10 shows that have aired in the current ratings season, Today has won 9 times.

But the race is far from over. While the two shows were as far apart as 45,000 on Thursday, they were just 1,000 the day before.

Feb 15 – 19:
Today: 308,000
Sunrise: 304,000

Today: 318,000
Sunrise: 310,000

Today: 319,000
Sunrise: 318,000

Today: 331,000
Sunrise: 286,000

Today: 339,000
Sunrise: 304,000


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  1. I loving the new set and Sam Mac it takes time for people to get useto the new everything on the show .i just think the desk is too small for all of them ,I love the fact you can see Martin place . I miss the live concerts in the plaza need to bring them back .Sam armytage is to Balme for the drop in ratings with that stupid skit with that sex and the city actress ,at was just dumb .the producer is Also to blame for allowing it to happen. all will be forgiven in a few weeks and sunrise will dominate again. not a fan of Karl and Lisa or their interview styles.

  2. I miss Nelson to. I dont mind Eddie but maybe she could do home grown news and Nelson can do the US news and still appear at 6:55. He still does report on the show.

    I don’t mind Sam Mac either. I guess people just have to get used to him.

    It also looks like they bought Kochie’s Angels back in some way, under a different name which I like. They should never have dumped that segment.

    I actually don’t mind the windows and seeing people in the background. Im still a viewer.

  3. For so long Michael Pell didn’t touch Boland’s model. But now he has made far too many changes at once. The set is gawdy, the hosts reading news headlines a shambles and passerbyers waving in the background distracting. But the biggest mistake, adding Bartholomew to the sofa. All it does is remind viewers she is much more likeable and a better presenter than Armytage who is polarising.

    1. Don’t watch morning tv as I leave for work early but saw it a bit last week while on holiday. To me it’s swings and roundabouts for both shows and the ratings will reflect that. Ch 7 seems more cardigan while C9 more corporate. Agree with mistake on Bartholomew – she is a star and should be offered her own gig somewhere or at least part of a duo – easily outshines Armitage

    2. I have to agree. Sunrise has been emasculated, it is a totally different show. It just isn’t Sunrise anymore and I am one of the ex-viewers who has switched off. In trying to revamp the show Michl Pell has thrown out the baby with the bathwater.

  4. For me personally, Sam is way too polarising. She’s made it unwatchable. It sucks to say it but its how I feel. Plus the new weather guy is a miss. Sorry Pell but maybe it’s time you move on. Too many wrong decisions have been made.

  5. I would much rather wake up with Karl, Lisa and the gang over the Sunrise team. However, I only catch the occasional end of Today, from about 8 onwards, so I can’t really make a fair comparison.

  6. Beaking news. I am a Sunrise viewer but not liking the show as much this year. Breaking news Sunrise have stuffed up their format this year. Breaking news – Every story on Sunrise is breaking news. Breaking news – This viewer is about to switch to ABC Breakfast.

  7. I only see these extricable shows at the Gym with the sound so low the conversation and machines drowns out the juvenile antics of the highly paid presenters and hosts.
    7 starts with a built in advantage as in WA 7 for some inexplicable reason is the most watched Channel no matter what old crap they show.
    9 has no idea,10 is just a cats paw of the Murdoch organization,hardly worth turning the TV on TBH

  8. Wonder if the reverse rolls will continue for very long, as although Today is doing better so far this year, it seems it is slipping behind channel 7 news at night, or should I say channel 7 is catching up to nine with its news now.

      1. 7 news melbourne won last night, and 7 news Sydney won a night last week, and wins aside the gap between 7 & 9 news has significantly decreased. No longer just a case of Adelaide and Perth getting 7 over the line

        1. 7 News Sydney won A night???? OMG stop the presses. They used to win every night. The only thing that gets Seven over the line nationally is the 100,000+ gap nightly in Perth. Simple as that.

  9. I caught Today last week and its a different show to last year’s. Lisa Wilkinson gets to present news items solo, standing with notes in front of a large screen.

    They should give this woman her own show. So classy.

  10. Not surprising really. I remember many many years ago when they were asking for suggestions to improve the show, some of the viewers responses were;
    Get rid of the waving idiots in the background.
    Kochie to stop banging on about how great his family is.
    Nat to read the news without stumbling through it.
    They of course ignored them and now it’s coming back to bite them.

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