Viewers praise Joel Creasey for solo hosting Get Me Out of Here Now!

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here NOW! -3

Joel Creasey hosted ELEVEN companion show Get Me Out of Here Now! solo last night after co-presenter Heather Maltman fell sick.

“Heather Maltman’s been eaten by a lion but producers tell me I have to say it’s a stomach bug,” he told viewers.

But some viewers took to social media to say they were actually happier with the solo presentation.

Cameron Adams: TV is the winner with @joelcreasey hosting #iacnow solo. Finally. This is how it should have been from the start

Angela ‏@Shennie61: #IACNow Great to see just Joel!! Much better viewing!!

Just Jala: @HeatherMaltman I love watching you on #IACNOW especially how you spoke up for Laurina. Not worth watching if you aren’t on it.

Kaye Hughes: @HeatherMaltman @ImACelebrityAU commitment cannot be denied but hosting skills need a lot of work. You make the #IACNow unwatchable

Angela Stubing: #IACNow @joelcreasey fab job going #solo tonight. Much more interesting no offense to @HeatherMaltman just think it needs one host

David Geoffrey Hall: #IACNow Question of The Day: what number do we text to vote Heather off the show?

Max Corstorphan: #iacnow is watchable without Heather!

Shae Hurley ‏@ShaeHurley: @joelcreasey hosting #IACNow solo is everything!! Should be this way ERRYDAY! @ImACelebrityAU

But some were more supportive:

AnouskaHaaket: Hope Heather is fighting fit and back with us on Monday. #IACnow

Janelle Berner: Where’s heather???? I tuned in to watch the interview with Paul’s wife and only see joel. He irritates me so can’t watch. #iacnow

Metal_J ‏@Erric_: hope Heather gets well soon.. Joel’s struggling on his own #iacnow

Showbiz reporter Peter Ford hinted more may be going on in the jungle.

Ratings for the show have been modest, this week ranging from 67,000 on Wednesday to 44,000 on Sunday in a 9:30pm timeslot.

The show is designed to be a loose destination for die-hard fans interested in more chat about the main event, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! 

TEN Programmer Beverley McGarvey recently told TV Tonight, “People talked about (the show) a lot last year so we wanted to provide a platform on one of our challenges where that conversation can happen. Joel and Heather will be let loose. We film with a gazillion cameras 24 hrs a day so there is a lot that ends up on the cutting room floor, so we can expand the brand.”

Via: Daily Mail


  1. I thought Heather would be better being one of the ‘celebs’ in the jungle. I am sure she and Laurena would be an interesting pair to watch.

    Joel is hilarious no matter what he does. Saw his comedy show in Melbourne and laughed and laughed.

  2. I enjoy their chemistry, although Heather laughs a bit too much. It’s good that she speaks her mind & does well in trying to keep up with being as humorous as Joel. Just wish she would do a quick Wikipedia search on the celebrities and learn a little about them. Heather didn’t know Anthony & Tim were married. I feel I would have done a lot of research about them if this was my first big job in TV.

  3. Unfortunately Heather has really struggled on IACNow. Joel and her don’t gel at all and it is more of a slap stick routine where they’re competing for laughs. The show needs more footage of what the contestants are up to and less inane chit chat between hosts.

    • Agree..more footage.. Joel was doing a good impersonation of Mike Goldman, Big Brother Up Late. ..voicing what he though the contestants were thinking and doing. Very funny especially about boring Dean. What is up with he too South African christian to be doing this.

  4. I would rather see Heather flying Solo, Joel irritates me, with the look at me type of thing. I find him very unfunny and well I do not watch because of him.

    • I agree, I find him irritating and don’t find him funny also. He’s not the right host for the show in my opinion and I haven’t watched the show since the first episode.

  5. I watch it to see if we can understand more of the celebrities personalities, but I must admit that I liked it better with only one host, Joel.
    Heather just annoyed me with the way she either throws her head back laughing at nothing, or bends forward towards the ground laughing.
    Last night I felt they all did a lot of back tracking about Jo Beth and the bullying of Laurina.

  6. Celebrity get me of of here is soooooooo boring! There’s no story at all. just a montage of chit-chat with pictures, wheres the characters? Its as boring and same-ie as Big Brother, i wonder if its the same people making it? Whoever is in charge should watch the english version, maybe they might get some ideas on how to make it better. People are over this type of crappy Mc’ Donald’s television.

    When is a tv network gonna take a risk and do something different!

  7. Is the show somewhat of an “uncut” version of I’m A Celebrity? I know it’s rated M, but do they ever show uncensored footage that they won’t air during the standard PG show?

  8. I really like Heather. I’m not sure whether I’m A Celebrity Now is the right vehicle for her, but I’ve certainly enjoyed her appearances as a guest panelist on The Project and Studio 10.

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