Fitzy and Wippa to host 20 to 1

Nova radio duo will succeed the legendary Bert Newton in Nine's clip show revival.


Nine is taking a new approach to its 20 to 1 revival, announcing Nova radio duo Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli as hosts.

It follows the announcement of Kate Langbroek as co-presenter of Unreal Estate yesterday.

The duo will succeed the legendary Bert Newton for the clip show, which will cover pop culture, sport, music, TV, movies and current affairs.

“I am so excited to be hosting the show, I have so many emotions about it, 20 in fact and we will be counting them down in the first episode. Episode two we will be counting down the 20 guests that Wippa had at his 21st birthday,” said Fitzy.

“Every New Year’s Eve for the past decade I’ve been counting down from 10 and it’s never felt like enough. Finally a proper countdown and you can still try and kiss the person next to you when we get to number 1. Fitzy has soft lips,” Wippa added.


The Nova duo most recently appeared on TEN’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Fitzgerald is not expected to front the return of The Recruit on Foxtel.

Nine is also in ongoing discussions with Hamish and Andy but yet to confirm their return amid speculation they will sign with Seven.

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  1. I know it used to get bagged out a lot, but I used to love 20 to 1. I’m glad it’s been revived. Not too familiar with Whippa, apart from the 2 days he was on I’m a celebrity, but know Fitzy from Big Brother & regular appearances on The Project.

  2. Also saw at the gym that the Today show reports the ‘new’ show 20-1. Hilarious it was not that long ago, that we don’t remember ch9. New host yes, not new show! Maintain higher reporting standards please!

  3. People outside Sydney don’t know Wippa hence the “who’s that?” when he entered the I’m A Celeb jungle. He wasn’t exactly appealing on that show so it will be interesting to see how he goes on this.

  4. I liked the show when they use hosts like Bert and Bud. Apart from News, mature hosts don’t get much of a go. Would of been great to see it go to Kerrie-Anne. Nine are trying to be too hip with all these so called comedians hosting. Don’t know much about Wippa but Fitzy is too in ya face for me. I do love the appointment of Kate Lambroek though.

    1. If it follows the way Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud, Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud, Pets Make You Laugh Out Loud and etc., rated on Seven (917,000, 1,039,000 and 943,000 on overnights), it will likely do well.

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