Inside Story: March 24

The final episode of Inside Story profiles teen musician Keely Johnson.


Tomorrow is the season final of Inside Story, hosted by Leila McKinnon, in selected cities (Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth).

The episode profiles teen musician Keely Johnson.

Sydney and Brissy are yet to view several episodes that have aired in ‘southern’ states, but no dates are yet announced.

Episode 8: Golden Girl
Tomorrow night at 7.30pm on Inside Story on Channel Nine we meet Keely Johnson, who physically stopped growing when she was 10 years old, and is now 17.

Keely has a rare and incurable form of cancer, but this hasn’t stopped her from living her life. Friends and family say her heart’s as big as Texas, but more importantly she is a terrific role model, giving love and hope to kids with cancer everywhere.

Incredibly, Keely has also had a number one hit on the country music chart and won the hearts of fans across Australia. Like any 17-year-old, Keely Johnson has her idols. First, her mum and dad, and being a kid from the country, it’s no surprise that the king of country, Lee Kernaghan, is her hero. But there’s someone else, someone totally unexpected. A little boy called Declan – her angel, who inspired her most of all.

7:30pm Thursday on Nine (check local guides).

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