Airdate: Inside Crime

Leila McKinnon will front a new true crime documentary series on Nine.

Leila McKinnon will front a new true crime documentary series Inside Crime on Nine from next week.

The 4 part series, produced in-house by Nine, will also include criminologist Garner Clancey, and incorporate police videos, re-enactments, interviews and commentary from journalists.

Leila McKinnon said: “Each one-hour episode focuses on different cases that have shocked the nation, captivated the media, baffled investigators and left the victims’ family and friends reeling in shock and disbelief.

McKinnon has previously current affairs show Inside Story and remains as a Current Affair presenter.

“In this series you’ll be taken into the irrational mind of the perpetrators and their unsettling ambition to kill, their efforts to thwart the authorities, and the unrelenting determination of police and detectives to solve the cases and deliver justice.”

Episode 1: Til Death Us Do Part
They’re called crimes of passion, the sort of crimes where true love turns into obsession, betrayal and revenge. Former NSW rugby union representative Paul Mulvihill claimed he was trying to defend himself when he stabbed his ex-lover in 2012 after she broke off their affair. But it was no accident. There’s also the case of Allison Baden-Clay, reported as missing by her husband who was later charged with her murder. So often there is a thin line between the one you love and the one you murder.

9:40pm Wednesday September 12 on Nine.

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