Reminder: Daylight Saving ending, resume Live viewing


A reminder (especially to AEST viewers) that Daylight Saving is ending this Sunday morning.

That means Queensland will join with Sydney and Melbourne viewing. Shows will be Live once again including Sunrise, Today, ABC News Breakfast, Studio 10, Q&A, Lateline and Insiders. Brisbane viewers will now view Q&A Live on ABC not ABC News 24.

Western Australian viewers will now be two hours behind the East Coast meaning Q&A moves to 7:35pm on News 24. In South Australia it will be available at 9:05pm on News 24.

Foxtel viewers in AEST states will also need to adjust their viewing by one hour.


  1. A simple solution is that the Eastern dates all adjust their clocks toward 1/2 an hour for day light savings. A compromise that sees them all stay in the same time!l zone!

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    On a positive note, the UK have just started their DST so EPL matches will now kick off 1 hour earlier at 10pm here in WA. Very civilised.

  3. Queensland gets ABC News Breakfast live on both ABC TV and ABC News 24 during the southern summer. We get 2 hours of ABC News Mornings (8am-10am), whereas NSW/Vic/Tas only have one hour (9am-10am).

  4. “Queensland will fall back into line with Sydney and Melbourne”

    That’s back to front. SYD and MEL has deviated from standard time and will be back to Standard time after Sunday.

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