Seven sets 2 hr Wanted finale


Seven has scheduled a 2 hr season finale for Wanted next Tuesday night, March 8th.

Curiously, it has locked in a double episode at 9pm, which means it won’t conclude until 11pm.

That’s despite the 6th episode fitting perfectly into a March 15 playout before Easter non-ratings begin. Seven must have something up its sleeve for that date.

The episode guest stars Alex Dimitriades as crime boss Anton Maric.

Minor Spoilers:

The chase leads Chelsea (Geraldine Hakewill) and Lola (Rebecca Gibney) to the wild Baruma Bush Bash and into the arms of the law, with Josh Levine (Stephen Peacocke) hot on their trail and corrupt cop Ray (Nicholas Bell) close behind. In a daring plan to bring their nightmare to an end, it seems the women have bitten off more than they can chew, but perhaps it is Ray that has underestimated them. Having seemingly escaped to fight another day, the girls opt to take a detour far from their troubles, but will trouble leave them alone?


  1. mateo_mathieu

    There it goes again. That’s why Seven dramas should hold until after the MKR season. 800 Words was successful for that very reason.

    • 6pm News
      7pm H&A
      7.30pm MKR
      9pm Wanted
      11pm Quantico (series return)
      That’s the prime time schedule next Tues. I imagine Bones will be back the following Tues but its a curious omission to say the least.

  2. Another example of 7 stuffing about with drama! I thought it was Rating well and the Network has been winning the ratings! Seriously seven?

    • It’s just so unnecessary isn’t it? I can’t see many viewers wanting to stay up until 11pm on a weeknight to watch this all. If I were the producers and actors involved with the show, I’d be furious over this.

    • People can record the second episode and then watch it next Tuesday at 9pm skipping through the ads and finish by 9:45pm if they want. Surely that is better.

      Wanted is rating 900k with another 250k timeshifting it. Bones is rating 300k. Seven will be hoping for large numbers of live viewers for the two hour final. Is there a MKR on Tuesday 15th? That would be another reason to finish Wanted up while the going is good.

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