TV Week covers recycle Home and Away (again)

"Is there a limit to the number of times you can use same/similar photos on a TVWEEKmag cover?"

A reader has noted (again) the number of times TV Week has featured the same photo, or a variation on its cover.

No surprises for learning it involves Home and Away once again, with Nate Cooper (Kyle Pryor) and Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen).

“Is there a limit to the number of times you can use same/similar photos on a @TVWEEKmag cover?” Jim asks.

Clearly not.

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  1. I thought I was going mad so I decided to take some stats. Since August last year I have recorded the details of the TV Week covers and have found that out of a total of 34, Home and Away have been the cover story 21 times. Of the times that it wasn’t, it was a secondary story 10 times. And Ricky has been on the cover 17 times. Also regardless of what the main picture was, the smaller pictures always featured channel 7 programs. Only twice was there no mention of H&A and one of those had a picture of Stephen Peacock. Of the 34 covers only seven don’t have a channel 7 program as the main story. If channel 7 aren’t paying TV Week they should be!

  2. $4.99 for a TV mag focused on soap and reality shows – that’s more than we pay for the Radio Times here in the UK, the premium magazine in the market. The trashy ones which just reprint press releases and have the soaps (usually EastEnders) on the cover every week sell for the equivalent of less than $1.

    1. How funny, I hadn’t bought it in ages either until last week as well! Definitely nice for a change something other than Home and Away, I’m sure there are other Australian tv shows that could be put on more regularly, you know, ones from other channels…Neighbours, Jack Irish, Dr Blake, Janet King, The Principal, are some that come to mind.

  3. It’s about time someone with a “voice” such as yours, David, pointed out the bias that magazine shows towards H&A (and pretty much every other program on the Seven network).

    1. Ok… if you want to compare a free solo blog to a corporate publication, your call. I rarely recycle feature story photos, which is my equivalent of “cover photos.” I am also limited by the photos networks make available. But hey I’m happy to add a photography budget but be warned it would entail a paywall…

  4. A while ago I asked a Coles staff member why they didn’t have the new TV Week yet & she said it was the new one. Only when I checked the date I realised it was the new one. Had a similar cover to the previous weeks.

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