Vale: Ross Jennings


New Zealand producer / director, Ross Jennings, who directed on Crawfords and Grundys dramas, has died aged 71.

He died of cancer on Good Friday, a year after directing a Passion play on the same day.

Jennings was a NZ TV drama veteran, and did a long stint as the man behind NZ’s first reality series Middlemore and Police Ten-7, and was heavily involved with Maori TV’s Anzac coverage in recent years. He also worked on New Zealand’s first soap Close to Home and when TV One and SPTV amalgamated in 1980, Jennings became Head of Drama.

He directed on Australian dramas Prisoner, Skyways, and Carson’s Law, becoming Head of Development for Crawfords, developing Acropolis Now.

In 2003 in NZ, Jennings was appointed Chief Executive of Screentime Communicado (subsequently Screentime), a role he held until resigning in 2006.

Source: NZ on Screen, NZ Herald

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