ABC reboots Surfing the Menu (with MasterChef spunks)

MasterChef's Dan Churchill & Hayden Quinn are picking up the boards where Ben O’Donohue and Curtis Stone left off.


Former MasterChef contestants Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn will lead a new version of Surfing the Menu, the 2003 cooking / travel series that was instrumental in launching the TV careers of chefs Ben O’Donohue and Curtis Stone.

Surfing the Menu is one of ABC’s most successful cooking formats, having been sold in over 70 countries. Now it is being reworked by Noma Films with MasterChef pals Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn, retitled as Surfing the Menu: The Next Generation.

Dan and Hayden share a love of cooking, surfing, fresh food, travel and adventure and that’s exactly what the new series Surfing the Menu Next Generation is all about. The 13-part series starts Sunday 22nd May at 6pm.

In this series, Dan and Hayden head off on an adventure around Australia in their trusty, rusty 50-year-old VW Bug, nicknamed GiGi. On the journey they four-wheel drive in the desert, head to an outback cattle station, share a Tongan feast, learn to sail, snorkel on the Ningaloo and Great Barrier Reefs, catch mud crabs, swim with mantra rays and prove that they’re perhaps the unluckiest fisherman in the country.

They share experiences with Indigenous communities such as searching underground for native bee nests and for bush foods and medicines. They also surf and go horseriding in some remarkable locations.

Along the way they meet passionate food producers – of everything from heritage tomatoes, cheeses, beef, goats, mangoes and herbs, to exotic mushroom, shrimp, rum and salt.

The boys turn these fresh ingredients into simple, healthy and delightfully delicious recipes that will inspire you.

Producers Marian Bartsch and Lance Reynolds.

Sunday 22nd May at 6pm on ABC.

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