Airdate: Pussies Galore: Love Me Love My Cats


More primetime cats are coming to TV, with Pussies Galore: Love Me Love My Cats airing on Nine next week.

It will screen at 9:30pm Wednesday in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Documentary about fanatical cat lovers, including a woman in California who lives with over 1,000 adopted local strays, and a West Country woman with a vast collection of ribbons and rosettes won by her 18 moggies at cat shows. Plus, a charity shop manager in Lancashire with 40 cat-related tattoos, and the woman who runs Newcastle’s first cat cafe.

Earlier this week Nine aired Cats v Dogs: Which Is Best? against the MKR final.

Seven also has more this year….


  1. Wow! Someone at Nine is obviously a Baby Boomer with an intimate knowledge of very obscure songs from the 1970s. Love Me, Love My Dog was a song by Peter Shelley released in 1975 which barely made the charts.

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