Bumped: Damien, Empire. Update: Supernatural

Updated: ELEVEN has made some timeslot changes to several US titles.


ELEVEN has made some changes to several US titles with horror series Damien moved from 9:30pm Monday night.

It will be replaced by the replay Movie: I Know What You Did Last Summer. 

Update: Damien will air 12:30am Tuesdays.

On Tuesday Love Island has been pushed back to 10:30pm with a Dating Naked replay at 9:30pm.

This week ELEVEN quietly pushed Empire from 9:30pm to 10:35pm on Thursdays following Bondi Ink.

Supernatural resumes Monday May 2nd following a hiatus in the US.

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  1. Probably right MuchoTB, we are opting for the DVD, doesn’t matter how long it takes, decision made. We go to Newtons Law in our decisions. “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

  2. Surely multichannels should screen what little new content between 6pm-midnight? Makes zero sense to have Damien airing after Corden (its on too late too…) on a Mon night/Tues morn. Programming seems a lot harder than it should be…

  3. *ugh* we were really enjoying Damien – free to air stations are always doing this with sci-fi/horror series, at least with subscription TV you can guarantee the whole series will be shown

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