David Koch: “Should ASIC be investigating Channel Nine?”

This morning Sunrise host David Koch quizzed Treasurer Scott Morrison on suggestions Nine may have paid a ‘bribe’ to get the 60 Minutes team released from Lebanon.

“Channel Nine is a publicly listed company. You run the Australian securities and investment commission, that comes under your portfolio. If a bribe was paid, should ASIC be investigating Channel Nine?”

But Morrison wasn’t about to engage telling Koch he had made a lot of assumptions.

“I am not going to try this case on national television.”

“I am not asking you to.”

“I think you are.”


  1. Sure it should Koch, right after it investigates 7. Lets not kid ourselves, Seven are as guilty as Nine. The only difference is Seven is yet to be caught out.

  2. spectrum warrior

    I agree with everybody else. ASIC should investigate all broadcasters. It’s been obvious for many years who is running the country.

  3. On twitter ch7 Cath Turner put up a tweet with a bank statement which apparently proves they paid a child abduction team. I think this could get really messy between the networks.

    The logies could be interesting.

  4. Will this be a media thing now where the other stations gang up on 9. I just heard a ch7 news promo saying see the pictures of the crew that ch9 don’t want you to see.

  5. Think that all avenues should be investigated to get to the bottom of this case it was a senseless move to try and interfere with matters of other countries and not expect some kind of back lash, hope heads will roll over this botched kidnapping attempt and send a message to other TV stations and journalists alike to do their homework before jumping into stories feet first just for ratings, which was obviously is what channel 9 were hoping for and it back fired big time.

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