Gogglebox weighs in on 60 Minutes case

"They wouldn't think it was kidnapping, mum." Goggleboxers take a dim view of 60 Minutes.


Last night’s Gogglebox saw reviews for Downton Abbey, My France with Manu, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Bondi Rescue, The Great Pottery Throw Down, Indian Wedding Race, Beauty and the Beach and Catfish.

They also watched a story on The Project discussing the 60 Minutes saga.

Here’s what they had to say:

Liz Hayes is in jail yeah?
They’re really up shit creek, huh?
Wow, that’s full abduction.
That looks pretty violent from that footage. What were they thinking?
They wouldn’t think it was kidnapping, mum.
This is a PR disaster for Channel Nine.
It’s a bit mean they’ve kept the sound and cameraman. They’re just doing their job.
Could you imagine Tara Brown getting 20 years? Shit!
How stupid were they?
What you do for a story, eh?
Obviously Daryl’s not doing a very good job on a Sunday, ratings are down.
If someone stole our kids I’d be trying to get them back too.
What about the father? Why is everyone assuming he’s a bad man?
Messed up shit.

The episode is repeated tonight at 8:30pm on TEN.

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