Hey Hey, Jo Beth is still in the room


News Corp has reported Jo Beth Taylor has been erased from the Hey Hey it’s Saturday website as “payback” for her comments about Daryl Somers ego.

Taylor does not appear under the Cast list alongside former co-hosts Jacki MacDonald and Livinia Nixon.

But a Nine spokesperson denied Taylor was ever included in the show’s long cavalcade of favourite faces.

“Daryl wants to assure you that there is absolutely no weight behind the idea that anyone has been intentionally snubbed or removed from the Hey Hey website,” the spokesperson said.

“Jo Beth was never on the cast page and has certainly not been removed. Only the longest running cast members are on there. You’ll notice Denise Drysdale isn’t there. Nor is Raymond J Bartholomeuz, Shane Bourne, Marty Fields, Trevor Marmalade, Rhonda Burchmore, Melissa Hannon and numerous other regulars over the many years of the show.”

TV Tonight understands the site was created to time with the 2009 Reunion shows, which did not feature Jo Beth Taylor. She appeared in the 2010 series revival.

One photo of Taylor also appears on the site, with Somers and Plucka Duck (pictured), contrary to the suggestion her image had also been erased.

Both Somers and Taylor are understood to have chatted in the last week.

You’re Back in the Room is meanwhile generating considerable chatter during its 5 episode run on Sunday nights.


  1. Whoops sorry, comment was too long… Was gonna also say Jo Beth was a regular guest and performed music and was interviewed for years before she became co-host, so she’s been there longer than every other regular guest mentioned, like Penne, Rhonda etc… Who were only that, guests! Also Studio 10 mentioned TV Tonight this morning when discussing this story and showed a screencap of this page!

  2. Ha! I love that this is still going. Great promo for Daryl and Hey Hey! That picture always makes me laugh, Jo Beth in high heels at the beach, sitting in the sand on the floor, and Daryl sitting in a deck chair – says it all really.

    That website was made in 2014 and based the cast list off the cast for the 2010 revival – which Jo Beth was a part of as a guest only, not a constant cast member. I remember her making a few appearances judging Red Faces and playing Celebrity Heads. Jo Beth wasn’t in the first reunion episode in 2009, but she was in the second – Denise was also in the second episode, there’s a photo of Jo Beth and Denise together from this night in the current articles.

    Jo Beth (and Denise) should have been included from the beginning, she was there originally as the co host for nearly 3 years every week, even hosting solo some weeks. She was also a regular guest…

  3. Considering Livinia was only on the show from 1998 (plus the few eps of filling in for Jo Beth at the end of 97), the spokesperson is leaving the “Only the longest running cast members are on there” line wide open to scrutiny.

  4. I think NewsCorp are telling porkies and are milking a story that isn’t there. JoBeth and Denise were never listed on the Cast part of the page since the face lift in 2014.

    • so why weren’t they? Neither of them were just “regulars” as per the other list of names. Both were significant cast members of the show, essentially filling the role left by Jacki MacDonald. If they were always left off then that’s been an oversight from day one IMO.

      • The point I was trying to make is that NewsCorp’s story is claiming that she isn’t listed on the site like Jackie / Livinia because of her comments about Daryl during IACGMOOH – which is false because JoBeth was never listed in the first place. So the article has zero basis.

        But other than leaving JoBeth and Denise out, they would also need to include Robyn Bailey, Penne Dennison, Suze Raymond and a bunch of others, who were more than just ‘regulars’.

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