iview remembers Prince


ABC’s iview is paying tribute to the late and iconic Prince, who died earlier, aged 57.

A Purple Reign: A Celebration of Prince

– Myf Warhurst talking about Prince on News Breakfast
– Zan Rowe talking about Prince on News Breakfast
– Wolf and Cub cover on Like a Version
– The Mix
– J File piece

rageĀ is planning a tribute for next weekend, April 30.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Yeah SaxyBre84, me too. it would be good if TheLoop does a special on Prince much like Video Hits would have but i think the question for them will be money. When it comes to music TEN are tight nowadays. Even when the format changed in 2004 VH was great at doing specials. When i heard the news i thought of Video Hits and how i remember watching at least a couple of his videos on VH when i was a kid. Guess theres rage.

  2. Rage’s Prince special is going to be awesome! All his songs and videos were amazing. Hopefully Eleven’s music show The Loop will pay tribute too. It’s a shame that the planned Simpsons episode featuring Prince and the return of Leon Kompowsky never happened. I never liked the Halloween story How to Get Ahead in Dead-Vertising that’s part of Treehouse of Horror XIX.

  3. Double J (which is channel 200 on your tv) are playing Prince today and all weekend too. This is good since he is not available on Spotify and other streaming services.

    RIP Prince.

  4. Such a terrible shock to hear this this morning and such an incredible loss to the music world. Two out of the three of the holy 80’s trinity of Prince, MJ and Madonna have passed now… we really don’t know what we’ve got ’til it’s gone.

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