Oops. In memory of “Ronnie Corbet”

Probably not the best time to make typo, ABC2....


ABC2 paid tribute to the late Ronnie Corbett when screening Extras last night.

Just one problem…

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  1. I need to preface this comment by saying this is the first time I have posted a reply to TVTonight after being an avid reader from the day it began, but feel I need to speak up. Secret Squirrel, I totally agree about double-checking spelling, and in this case it is regretful that this error was made. Mistakes do happen, and yes there always needs to be checks in place. In my 27 year career as a producer/editor/writer for almost all of the free to air channels and Foxtel, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and owned up to them. However it’s your narrow minded, insulting comment about “some first year media kid on work experience” that is incredibly offensive. I am currently one of those “kids’ studying media arts at UNSW. I am in my second year of my degree, and not only enjoying studying, but also bringing my “real world” experience to those “kids”, most of which are…

    1. I’m guessing that they haven’t covered the use of hyperbole to make a pithy point in your course yet.

      I didn’t say, nor imply, that all people studying media-related courses are kids and therefore didn’t refer to you specifically, or generally, as a child or immature person. You’re going to need to develop a thicker skin and better reading comprehension skills if you’re intending to work in the rough and tumble industry of television.

  2. That is shameful. If ever there was a time when you’d want to double-check your spelling, this is probably one of those occasions. Presumably it’s been slapped together by some first year media studies kid on work experience.

    I’d like to hold this up as an example of what happens when you slash public funding but unfortunately I know that it is symptomatic of the declining general standard of literacy.

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