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Updated: At last rage reveals its plans for its Prince tribute, airing tomorrow on ABC.

Join us this weekend in commemorating one of our favourite musical legends Prince. Our hearts are broken from his passing but his music lives on.

Throughout his career, Prince so utterly transformed the terrain of popular music with his sense of poetry, unbridled sensuality and most importantly funk. He could shred like Hendrix and coo like Nancy Sinatra. He re-imagined what sexiness meant but his versatility and absolute mastery of song craft meant that his vision always cut through the controversy.

Very few artists so deftly straddled the divide between popularity and artistry but Prince nailed it every time and always came out on top. For this, and for all the beautiful music he has given the world, he will be sorely missed.

The colour purple will never be the same again. RIP.

Watch the Prince Special on Rage Saturday 30th April from 10:30-11:30am, returning for the night from 11:30pm on ABC1.

Saturday April 30

PRINCE Raspberry Beret (Warner)
PRINCE My Name Is Prince (Warner)
PRINCE Cream (Warner)
PRINCE Kiss (Warner)
PRINCE Damn U (Warner)
PRINCE 7 (Warner)
PRINCE Little Red Corvette (Warner)
PRINCE Pink Cashmere (Warner)
PRINCE Why Do You Want To Treat Me So Bad (Warner)
PRINCE and ROSIE GAINES Nothing Compares 2 U (Warner)
PRINCE Purple Rain (Warner)

PRINCE 1999 (Warner)
PRINCE Sign O’ The Times (Warner)
PRINCE Let’s Go Crazy (Warner)
PRINCE I Wanna Be Your Lover (Warner)
PRINCE The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Mushroom)
PRINCE Money Don’t Matter 2night (Warner)
PRINCE Sexy M.F. (Warner)


PRINCE Dirty Mind (Warner)
PRINCE Gett Off (Warner)
PRINCE The Same December (Warner)
PRINCE Betcha By Golly Wow (EMI)
PRINCE Alphabet St. (Warner)
PRINCE The Holy River (EMI)
PRINCE I Would Die For You/Baby I’m A Star (Warner)


PRINCE Peach (Warner)
PRINCE The Morning Papers (Warner)
PRINCE When Doves Cry (Warner)
PRINCE Money Don’t Matter 2night (Warner)


PRINCE Question of U (Warner)
PRINCE Recovery ‘J-File’, 1997 ()
PRINCE Glam Slam (Warner)
PRINCE Automatic (Warner)
PRINCE Batdance (Warner)


PRINCE Paisley Park (Warner)
PRINCE Girls and Boys (Warner)
PRINCE Controversy (Warner)
PRINCE I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Warner)
PRINCE Partyman (Warner)
PRINCE Take Me With You (Warner)


PRINCE Diamonds and Pearls (Warner)
PRINCE New Power Generation (Warner)
PRINCE Prince Documentary, 1989 ()
PRINCE Scandalous (Warner)
PRINCE Gold (Warner)


PRINCE I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Warner)
PRINCE Thieves In The Temple (Warner)
PRINCE I Wish You Heaven (Warner)
PRINCE America (Warner)
PRINCE Uptown (Warner)
PRINCE Fury (Universal)
PRINCE Breakfast Can Wait (Varrasso PR)
PRINCE Prince at the Maple Leaf Gardens, December 2, 1984 ()


PRINCE When 2 R In Love (Warner)
PRINCE Another Lover (Holenyohead) (Warner)
PRINCE Thieves In The Temple (Warner)
PRINCE Black Sweat (Universal)
PRINCE Te Amo Corazon (Universal)
PRINCE U Got The Look (Warner)
PRINCE Insatiable (Warner)


PRINCE Sexuality (Warner)
PRINCE Gett Off (Gangster Glam) (Warner)
PRINCE Musicology (Sony)
PRINCE Dinner With Delores (Warner)
PRINCE Partyman (Warner)
PRINCE Mountains (Warner)


SHEILA E and PRINCE A Love Bizarre (Warner)
SHEILA E The Belle Of St. Mark (Warner Bros Records)
MORRIS DAY and THE TIME Jungle Love (Warner)
ANDRE CYMONE The Dance Electric ()
WENDY and LISA Honeymoon Express ()
SHEILA E Glamorous Life (Warner)
APOLLONIA Since I Fell For You (Warner Bros Records)


APOLLONIA 6 Sex Shooter (Warner)
CHAKA KHAN I Feel For You (Warner)
MARTIKA Love…Thy Will Be Done (Sony)
SINEAD O’CONNOR Nothing Compares 2 U (EMI)
VANITY Under The Influence (Motown)
VANITY 6 He’s So Dull (Warner Bros Records)


  1. TheGedemondan

    From 10.30 Saturday morning is the first hour of this special. Usually the clips shown in the morning are repeated in the evening, but not with this tribute to Prince.

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