The Chaser’s Election Desk confirmed


Yep, the Chaser boys are back, confirming last night that The Checkout will go into hiatus until after the election.

Instead The Chaser’s Election Desk will air from Wednesday June 8th (a timeslot is yet to be confirmed).

Next Thursday night ABC screens Labor leader Bill Shorten’s Budget Reply.

That still leaves all of May with neither show on air. No word on what goes into Thursdays from May 12th.


  1. That’s definitely good news and bad news. I’ve been enjoying The Checkout so that’s disappointing, but of course it will be great to have the Chaser for the election. At least we get Mad as Hell in a couple of weeks.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    See, commercial networks? This is how you keep your audiences informed about their show. Someone says that the program will be off the air for this reason and will be returning on this date. How hard is that?

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