Axed: Heartbeat


NBC has switched off the EKG on Melissa George’s new US drama Heartbeat after just 8 episodes have aired in the US.

The series, with George playing a renowned heart-transplant surgeon, also featured Don Hany.

The show was originally set for a Fall premiere but was pushed back to midseason because of Melissa George’s pregnancy. But with no lead-in to rely on, it averaged just a 1.1 rating amongst the all-important 18-49 demo. Reviews also labelled it a Grey’s Anatomy rip-off.

Heartbeat premiered last month in Australian on Universal.

Source: Deadline


  1. I was going to give it a go but I heard so many bad reviews including from abc’s tv club podcast that I opted not to. It was an easy decision when the entertainment channels on fetch are restricted to one set up box on one shared television with no catch up service and no way to watch recordings on other devices. I’m very selective and watch very few shows on the entertainment channels due to this restriction.

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