Liz Hayes “not aware” of 60 Minutes apology


60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes said she was not aware of Nine’s apology to Maroons captain Cameron Smith, following her report last year.

NRL Footy Show host “Fatty” Vautin issued an apology to Smith on behalf of the network on Wednesday night.

But many have questioned why the NRL Footy Show was lumbered with the apology when it was 60 Minutes at fault.

Foxtel host Matty Johns, a former Footy Show presenter, said on radio, “I felt sorry for Fatty to have to do it. I think I speak on behalf of just about everyone to say, wouldn’t you think it’d be up to 60 Minutes to apologise?

“If, say for instance, someone on The Footy Show unfairly abused someone, would it be fitting for (60 Minutes reporter) Liz Hayes to apologise on The Footy Show’s behalf?

“It had nothing to do with The Footy Show and it had nothing to do with Fat.”

Nine’s apology, nearly a year after the story first aired, came just days before State of Origin begins.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. The producer of that story and Liz should apologise not the footy show. They didnt nor did Fatty Vautin do anything wrong. They didnt edit out things to make Cam look like an insensitive person.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    I think your last sentence tells us all we need to know about why the “apology” has been made. As for why it didn’t happen earlier and why it was decided that it should be delivered by Vautin on the Footy Show, those are merely symptoms of the same disease that resulted in Nine paying someone to kidnap children off the street in a foreign country.

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