Renewed: Gogglebox

Gogglebox Australia-1

LifeStyle / TEN series Gogglebox has been renewed for a fourth season.

The Endemol Shine series had its season finale last night on LifeStyle (tonight on TEN) and confirmed it would be back later this year.

The good news is no surprise given it has enjoyed good ratings and a Logie award earlier this month. Last year it also had two seasons.

The season final shared views on Kiss Bang Love, The Voice, Seven Year Switch, 60 Days In, The Project and The Feed.



  1. Boring unoriginal TV… Compared to the UK version this is boring and subpar.. Thepeople on the Australian ones have been cast similar to the UK version.. Replace half the cast with more entertaining people

  2. I really wish Gogglebox would run every week all year. I get really excited when I hear it’s coming back on, watch every episode and then it’s over again before you know it.

  3. It’s on a basic package channel so I think rather than trying to use it as a tool to bring in new customers or to increase APRU it is being used as a bit of a sweetener for exisiting customers.

    Not only is it on a night earlier but it’s also in a better time slot which helps.

    I would personally never watch it on TEN mainly because their HD channel is a shambles and it’s easier for me to record a Foxtel channel than it is free to air.

  4. im surprised foxtel is ok with this deal. I am a huge fan of this show but I would never pay money to get it 24 hrs earlier than people getting it for free. I wonder if next season will be renegotiated and ten will need a longer delay?

    • No one would be paying for a foxtel subscription just for Gogglebox. The value of foxtel is the combined package, people with foxtel would presumably tape or watch it on Lifestyle. Brings eyes to advertising for more Foxtel programs, hopefully increase the value proposition for subscribers as they may watch more shows on foxtel

          • Very good, because then it would be identical to the UK Gogglebox, which airs on Channel 4 only, and only reviews programs on freeview (ie on free to air).

            No shows from Sky/BT/TalkTalk/Virgin pay tv subscription allowed.

            The reason why I say it would do very well is because the UK version (FTA only) has been running for 7 years+ now.

          • @jjcoolaus.
            The UK has so much more original Primetime content on FTA throughout the week

          • Yeah great. I’m sure Gogglebox would be just as relevant without talking about shows like Game of Thrones, Real Housewives, Kardashians.

            I don’t tune in to watch anecdotes on cooking and renovation shows for an hour.

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