Survivor: update


Heads up Survivor fans.

GO! will screen a two hour final Live to air at 10am Thursday May 19.  It will be followed by the Reunion at 12 midday in which the all-important winner is announced.

Both will be repeated in primetime from 8:30pm.


  1. Love this show. The last season was an all time best but this one’s been pretty good, too. Will definitely be PS3’ing the finale from Go!.

  2. Another awesome season, you just know Tai is going the crack it after that last tribal council.

    I love this show and have watched every season (apart from that one that wasn’t shown here). What i like best about it, particularly the last few seasons, is that they don’t mess with it. They let the players and circumstances be the drama and entertainment. You won’t see a mystery judge show up or them suddenly bring back a voted out contestant. Sure they mix up the idols a bit but the variety is in the relationship dynamics of the participants. Yes its edited well like all other shows, but in this day and age is does feel less contrived than most other things.

    • Agreed. Another great thing is that they actually cast intelligent contestants who can sustain interesting conversations and come up with creative solutions and tactics. I just feel that so many Australian reality shows cast for looks and stereotypes rather than intelligence and personality, and I hope they don’t make this mistake for Australian Survivor.

  3. It’s been a great series with yet another excellent cast. The cast of Survivor rarely disappoints. I hope the Australian version has a consultant on board from the US version. Looking forward to the final.

  4. Oh what a bummer they’re not doing it at midday again. Sitting there watching it live bought me more joy than any normal human should be willing to admit.
    I guess it was too good to expect it to last 🙁
    (Should just be thankful we get it the same day I suppose)

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