TEN nabs 24: Legacy, Prison Break, The Exorcist.

Plus MacGyver, This Is Us, Pitch, Bull, Doubt and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


TEN has confirmed 24: Legacy, Prison Break and The Exorcist amongst its picks of US output deals with CBS and FOX.

It will also screen the MacGyver reboot, This Is Us with Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, baseball drama Pitch, Bull starring Michael Weatherly, and a new Katherine Heigl drama Doubt.

It also has the one-off Rocky Horror Picture Show event with Laverne Cox.

TEN Chief Programmer Beverley McGarvey told Fairfax, “There is continued quality of content, and despite all the talk over the years, people still want to watch quality content. They may just watch it in a slightly different way.

“It’s important for us to have a mix on the schedule. Domestic content is critical but it’s good to have quality international content on the schedule.”

With TEN confirming FOX titles it would suggest Foxtel will potentially secure APB, Son of Zorn, Making History, The Mick and Shots Fired -but these are yet to be confirmed.

CBS Fall trailers

FOX Fall trailers

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  1. I am a huge prison break fan, whilst I love that it is coming back, I am hoping that Channel 10 express play this. I know that foxtel would have so its disappointing that Foxtel didn’t get the rights to play it.

  2. Could be a nice programming double there, MacGyver followed by Scorpion (or vice versa), hopefully MacGyver remains a take the brain out escapist fun (like Scorpion is), I like having some shows like that around that aren’t too mind taxing.

  3. Happy about Prison Break – won’t set the ratings world on fire but even if it airs late night or on ONE at least it will be on FTA somewhere.

    But whatever happens – please give these shows a go and not make them jump around the schedule or other channels. Surely programming would have the experience by now to judge how a show will go in the current climate rather than putting something on at 8.30 on Ten main expecting 500k+ but ends up pulling 200k that should have been later or on digital to start with.

  4. I can see myself breaking my no picking up new overseas drama shows on commerical f.t.a rule for bull and this is us and regretting it when I’m chasing the shows around the schedule.

  5. I don’t think any of these new shows will work for Ten. Prison Break was 11pm fare on Channel Seven in its later seasons, Exorcist will go to Eleven and 24’s previous miniseries wasn’t a ratings success. I also predict Bull will only last one season

    That said I’m always up for more 24 and Prison Break! Two excellent shows

  6. I’m glad Ten secured these titles. Ten is the only channel (if the three commercial channels) I trust, so I truly believe they will give these shows a genuine shot! Go Ten!

  7. I can’t really see any of those shows lasting very long. I used to love Prison Break but it went 2 seasons to long… No interest in the new series. Doubt I’ll bother with the rest too.

  8. Can’t see Exorcist lasting very long on 10-look what’s happened to Damien and Salem-the devilry stuff doesn’t work for a big audience. As to Kathy H.. and her recent record, enough said!

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