Update: The Big Bang Theory


If you’ve been wondering where new episodes of The Big Bang Theory went, you’re in luck.

It returns with S9E21 “The Viewing Party Combustion” next Wednesday, with a clear nod to Game of Thrones.

Everyone must choose sides when a small argument between Leonard and Sheldon erupts into a heated fight during a group get-together.

This episode aired in the US last month. It will be followed by a repeat at 8pm.

That will leave just 3 new episodes in Season 9 remaining, presumably to follow in coming weeks along with State of Origin from June 1.


  1. When do channel seven show the previous seasons? I have no idea. Also I think this show has run its course. Penny’s story is going nowhere there is pregnancy marriage etc. it’s not fun anymore when they change the original format. Used to be a fun clever show – now the episodes make no sense sometimes

  2. This is why new Big Bangs don’t rate like they used to – This year alone new episodes have been on Monday nights, Tuesday nights, both nights, no nights, mixed with repeats or a repeat air when you thought a new one would – now onto Wednesday nights.

    I get not fast tracking Big Bang as US scheduling is erratic with new episodes but if they could show Big Bang in the same timeslot weekly it would surely do better and benefit those still watching new episodes on Nine…

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