WIN TV bumps A Current Affair


WIN Television has made a subtle move to its regional programming which could well be a reaction to recent news of affiliate plans.

A Current Affair, which was airing at 7:30pm on GEM, is now bumped out to 1am.

In its place is weeknight national GEM content, comprising Amazing Medical Stories, Poirot, New Tricks, What’s Your Emergency and As Time Goes By.

At 7pm (when it could arguably have enjoyed a simulcast from Nine), is a repeat of Friends.

Nine recently announced it was ending its regional affiliate deal with WIN, replaced by Southern Cross Network.

A Nine contact said ACA remains prominent in the 5 city rankings and its own NBN regional network.

“No skin off our nose!” they said.


    • On the Sunshine Coast Channel 9’s signal can suddenly be picked up OK, so now we record ACA at 7pm. Failing that, its on WIN at 1am which we were recording. Thank goodness for digital recorders.

  1. I can understand WIN doing it in Regional QLD, Southern NSW and Regional VIC where they lost their affiliation agreement, as a way of having a dig at Nine until their affiliation agreement ends, but why do it in the regions where they are still going to be affiliated (e.g. Griffith/M.I.A.). All that does is push away the older viewers who watch it ritually and do not use PVRs.

      • Sorry I was unaware of that – that detail isn’t included in the story. Once again it appears the city networks don’t care about the regional affiliates. It is going to be havoc when WIN announce what show will give on TEN for their regional bulletins when the new affiliate agreement launches. I personally am hoping that because I am in a WIN monopoly (M.I.A.) that they continue to air WIN News on the Nine-affiliate and leave the TEN schedule alone. My chances of that are unlikely though.

        • I can only see Family Feud giving way on TEN once a deal is done, with 6pm for local news, and letting FF remain on its simulcast. I can’t see 5pm news nor The Project moving. TEN have kinda encouraged FF on multichannels anyway.

  2. @emurray. That would be a bad idea… But not surprising… I think two better options are… Win news at 540… 20 mins local news… Don’t need anything longer… Leave feud and the project where they are… The audience are already there… And they won’t chase it… Or something totally different… And a win news breakfast…. Since they lose today show….

  3. The Illawarra Mercury had a story today about what win will do for local news with ten programming with feud and the project .. Think it would be pretty easy . Ten news at 5, local news at 6 and then the project and family feud would have to be on eleven only

    • How Bazza?. We (used to) record ACA at 7.30 on GEM to watch back after the missus has done with Kitchen/House Rules or whatever. Now we record the 1.00 am broadcast on WIN and watch it back the next day. Best of a bad situation. But to answer your question we noticed when checking the forward recording times and found it wasn’t there.

  4. Nine closed the half-hour window WIN used to use on GEM at 7:30. Now a one-hour program 7:30-8:30.
    WIN won’t move ACA to 7pm as that would compete directly with WIN Local News at 7pm.
    SCTEN, having no local news, will have it at 7pm on what will be Nine.

  5. They haven’t (and even now, wouldn’t) simulcast it at 7pm because it would risk cannibalising their local news. That’s just about the only unique programming they have left, which at least in the short term they would be hoping to keep as a drawcard under any new affiliation.

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