Did Shark Tank just jump the shark?

"Joke pitches. Really?" ask annoyed fans after a mock pitch by radio hosts.


If it was for charity then somebody forgot to tell the viewers. If it was filmed on April Fool’s Day then somebody forgot to tell the viewers.

Last night those in the Shark Tank were in on the gag of Nova (and Nine) presenters Fitzy & Wippa pitching a “Mup” (Mint + Coffee Cup) idea to the Sharks, asking for $300,000 for 5% of their company.

But they forgot to let viewers in on the gag too.

After the pair knocked back offers of up to $500,000 they walked away….. while host Sarah Harris said nothing about why they had been present for the mock pitch. That crucial thing known as the punchline.

On social media some were amused by it all but other loyal viewers were bewildered or even suggesting it had backfired.




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  1. The problem is that some people outside of Sydney wouldn’t know who Fitsy and Wippa are. They host 20 to One but for people who don’t watch that and are outside of Sydney wouldn’t know them. I’m in Melbourne but if I didn’t watch 20 to One I wouldn’t know who they are. Besides I don’t listen to Nova (I listen to the Hit Network.
    I wonder if companies will start paying TEN for stupid prank pitches on Shark Tank.

  2. I’ve been quite a vocal lover of Shark Tank (particularly this season), but this bizarre segment fell well and truly flat. How could anyone from this show and network allow that to go to air…? It was honestly cringeworthy and definitely undermined the credibility of the show… An absolute brain fade from all involved.

  3. Jimmy Kimmel did a simular thing for the US version. I think he gave at least his talk show audience I cannot remember if ABC America did TV Promos. Channel 10 could have done that to prevent such reaction.

  4. I’m absolutely loving Shark Tank but this stunt was almost offensive in its appalling execution. I absolutely hate those two painfully unfunny numpties . Bad move!

  5. “What are your names again? ” asked Andrew. (“Their names are on their t-shirts”) whispers his colleague. “Oh, sorry. You have your own radio show don’t you?” asks Andrew.
    “Just sit back and listen thanks Andrew” from the one with the moustache went over like a lead balloon (if it was supposed to be funny). Clearly Andrew was not in on whatever it was supposed to be, appeared to not know who they were and what radio show they were from, like and was quite unimpressed. Well, Andrew, they do have the #7-#8 radio show, somewhere on some station that very few listen to, so understand why you are part of their great-unlistening.
    At this point I changed channels. Sorry TEN. A huge misstep there.

  6. I can take a joke and I usually see the funny side of things like this. But last nights ‘joke’ was a) not funny and b) totally at odds with the show – I agree, they risk cheapening the brand, and spoiled what was a great episode last night. On another note, David, the deal-no deal-no deal-deal pattern was dumped last night!

  7. I thought it was stupid. There are enough shows on tv that do the dumb stupid skit thing and I didn’t think shark tank needed to lower itself to that level. Its not why I watch the show and it will be a turn off if it happens again.

    I watched shark tank like on tenplay the last two nights. Wednesday had no issue but thursday it was very glitchy in the last two pitches. Not impressed that I missed a bit of the spritzer part totally fine with missing part of the silly skit. Tenplay if your going to offer a live stream make sure if actually works.

  8. When they were offering $500k for 5% I’m not proud to admit that i was thinking i must be missing something here and this is going to be the next big thing. These two “comedians” will cheapen anything they go on including their stint on Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here which is saying something.

  9. I’m tired of seeing the exact same “expressions” edited in to each pitch for dramatic effect. Like Naomie’s pensive stare and Janine’s quizzical look. After a while you notice its the same clip.

  10. Yep no more for us, credibility of show now lost ,and using probably the two most try hard “comedians “in Australia made it even more awful

  11. I’m glad you wrote about this, I just finished last night’s episode and that segment made no sense. It completely cheapened the brand with these two idiots appearing on it. What was the point of it? I hope there are no more cheap stunts like this again, and if there are, they should go back to the editing room before broadcast.

  12. Easier to understand when we study the equation…
    Shark. 10. Breakfast duo. Nova. Lachlan Murdoch. Foxtel. 10.
    Quite easy when you know what’s behind the scenes…
    PS: Fiona for “Comment of the Week”.

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