Ellen surprised by reaction to environment message

Ellen DeGeneres has responded to some criticism of her Public Service Announcement last week advocating for more protection for the Great Barrier Reef.

“I put out a PSA because I do believe we should protect our oceans and protect the reef, and I don’t know what’s controversial about that,” she told News Corp.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said the government had committed to supporting the Reef.

“If they are pouring money into it, good for them,” she said. “I’m glad they are.”

“I didn’t know it was a controversy but that’s exciting that people are talking about it.

“I am happy to put my name on it and get behind it. It’s important to me – I think we have to pay attention to the entire planet.”

Today host Karl Stefanovic had also questioned whether the message was really a plug for her upcoming movie, Finding Dory.

DeGeneres said, “Look, this happens to be a movie about the ocean and about fish, so obviously I’m not going to say, ‘Save the rainforest’.”


  1. If she was using the Reef as a way to boost her movie, maybe you could be cynical about it, though ultimately I don’t think it matters. But it seems to me that this was the opposite, she’s using the movie as a way to direct attention to the problems in the Reef.

  2. Her coming out and saying this is not going to help the reef anymore than what is already being done atm, all it will do is make some tourists think twice before visiting the reef now! One good thing is El Nino is over which is the warming of ocean temps and that’s why there has been bleaching

  3. An internationally respected and loved personality draws attention to an environmental problem that has been caused by decades of relative neglect and Australian rips her apart for it. The Great Barrier Reef is in trouble and while it’s good that the government is working towards saving it, we can only pray that it’s not too little too late. Had more been done sooner, there wouldn’t have been a need for Ellen to say anything. No wonder she’s puzzled by the backlash.

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