1. NCIS was a good ep last night, a continuation into next week actually.

    Mark Harmon & David McCallum are the drawcards, always been an Aussie fav. Isn’t it “the world’s #1 show” too?

  2. You would think a 4week interuption would be better considering they’ve made people wait so long. Surely W&L will bomb when it returns now. Anyhow what would we know

  3. NCIS was good last night. The episode had alan dale in it and he was a pretty big part of the episode so I was a bit surprised to discover he was on and I didn’t catch any promos on ten telling viewers that. There are only three episodes left of the season. Could the rise be viewers tuning in to see the last eps of tony? Last nights ep was a the first half of a two parter.

  4. KBL is still on air? Guarantee those 137K viewers were simply TV’s left on whilst toilets/tea’s/dishes were done before next show

  5. I’m betting Seven can’t wait to run out of KIss Bang Love episodes (there surely can’t be too many more left?)

    I didn’t watch it but reading the synopsis, that 90 minutes The Force was a rerun of the Malcolm Naden special, under The Force banner.

    • I was also wondering why 7 aren’t airing winners and losers. They haven’t got a 1 hour australian drama in the schedule and I have no idea what they are waiting for.

        • I didn’t think about the olympics but I think viewers would get a show off the air for a couple of weeks for the olympics. What they don’t get are shows pulled for numerous silly reasons.

          • I am not sure why, it usually airs earlier in the year and they could easily have aired it before the Olympics. There are only 13 episodes in the final season. So there is not enough room to air 8 eps of 800 words with 13 eps of W&L, so they will probably air W&L at 9:30 once they start 800 words. Or even move it from the Tuesday night is has occupied for its entirety so far!

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