Optus cuts English Premier League prices after backlash

Optus re-thinks its pricing with a "free" year of EPL by signing up as an Optus subscriber.


Optus has announced new pricing for its English Premier League following a public backlash, with access now starting at $30 a month on plans.

You will still need to be an Optus customer if you want to watch live EPL matches.

Under the new offer, customers can sign up to SIM-only mobile plans starting at $30 per month and get the EPL subscription for no extra charge for one season (provided they sign up by July 31). Optus has the rights for three seasons, and a $15 per month charge will kick in from season two (or by signing after July 31).

Viewers who want to watch the EPL on TV rather than a mobile device will have to pay an extra $5 a month — on top of an Optus mobile subscription — for a so-called “Fetch Mini” device, which will stream the broadcast to their TV via home broadband. Alternatively, it will be available for some subscribers through Apple TV and other, as yet undisclosed options, which may include Google Chromecast.

Alternatively, home broadband customers on certain packages will get EPL included, with a subscription to Fetch TV, with the cheapest option coming in at $75 per month.

Ben White, Managing Director of Marketing and Product at Optus said, “Today, we’re shaking up the market even more by offering our customers more of the content they love. From data free prepaid music streaming, to the Premier League, Optus is changing people’s expectations of their telco provider.”

“To celebrate our first Premier League season, we’re making it more affordable than ever by giving customers their first season for free on a range of plans from as little as $30 a month.”

Last month EPL subscriptions were announced at $15 a month on top of existing mobile plans or included in plans starting from $85 per month.

Foxtel recently confirmed a deal with six English Premier League clubs to screen delayed coverage to its sports subscribers from July.

Source: News Corp, Fairfax

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  1. How many paid for Foxtel Sport’s just for the EPL…a very very small . minority so for $50 month you got many sports chanells plus countless other channells with this Optus deal its $45 a month only for the EPL,and how many watch games live,we’ll watch the 6 EPL club chanells for games on Foxtel

    1. Optus doesn’t only have access to the EPL. Through Fetch TV they have access to two ESPN channels, and for a $15 subscription, beIN Sports 1. Which according to beIN’s website, says will show what was live on the Sports 2 and 3 channels.

  2. People will still complain that you can’t access it without being an Optus customer. But if it was on Foxtel then you wouldn’t be able to access it without being a high paying Foxtel customer. Either way, the deal would’ve only benefitted people who are customers already.

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