Richard Roxburgh returns for Blue Murder sequel


Production is underway onThe High Road, a sequel to the acclaimed 1995 miniseries Blue Murder, for the Seven Network.

Richard Roxburgh is recreating his role as Roger Rogerson, the former NSW detective who was yesterday found guilty of the 2014 murder of university student Jamie Gao, with ex-cop Glen McNamara.

Director Michael Jenkins is returning for the project, produced by John Edwards for Endemol Shine.

The sequel to the ABC series was first rumoured in 2014.

Producers declined to comment while court proceedings continue.

Meanwhile earlier this week The Australian reported John Edwards is signing with Roadshow Films.



  1. Blue Murder was a fantastic piece of TV made in the days when the ABC was really brave. I hope Seven let the producer and director just get on with it and don’t insist on casting Rebecca Gibney! They’re probably now waiting to see if there is an appeal. Given Rogerson is likely to spend rest of his life in prison I’m sure the lawyers are hard at it now.

  2. Richard was exceptional in Blue Murder – his resemblance to Rogerson in all ways was uncanny.
    Watching the 60 Mins special last night, showing snippets of Richard as Rogerson in Blue Murder, juxtaposed against actual footage of Rogerson, you almost couldn’t tell them apart.

    Look forward to watching the sequel – hopefully as compelling as BM…

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