All the drama of the ratings week


Local Dramas are back on our screens after a dearth of them on commercial TV in recent weeks.

Local productions on Seven, TEN and Nine all outranked international titles last week.

Home and Away 778,000
Offspring 775,000
Love Child 719,000
NCIS 715,000
The Coroner 661,000
Winners and Losers 585,000
Rake 559,000
Criminal Minds 544,000
NCIS: LA 482,000
New Tricks 440,000
Indian Summers 360,000
The Bold & The Beautiful 349,000
The Doctor Blake Mysteries rpt 337,000
Silent Witness 332,000
NCIS: New Orleans: 289,000
Midsomer Murders: 268,000
Cleverman 223,000
Madam Secretary rpt 194,000
Neighbours 182,000

Foxtel also had The Secret City, The Kettering Incident and Wentworth all on air last week.

Meanwhile, it was Seven who won the week again.

Seven: 29.5
Nine: 25.5
TEN: 19.8
ABC: 17.9
SBS: 7.3

Primary channel:
Seven: 19.7
Nine: 17.3
TEN: 15.1
ABC: 12.7
SBS: 5.4

Best brands this week were:

Seven: Seven News (Sun: 1.37m), House Rules (Winner Announced: 1.25m), Make You LOL (779,000) and Home and Away (778,000).

Nine: Nine News (Sun: 1.28m), The Voice (993,000), A Current Affair (844,000), Love Child (719,000).

TEN: MasterChef Australia (TEN: 1.18m), Have You Been Paying Attention? (793,000), Offspring (775,000) and NCIS (715,000).

ABC: ABC News (Sat: 865,000), Australian Story (762,000), 7:30 (709,000) and Four Corners (704,000).

SBS: Great Continental Railway Journeys (321,000), Michael Mosley: Wonderful World of Blood (276,000), Byzantium: The Tale of Three Cities (274,000) and World’s Best Diet (256,000).

Some movement on multichannels: 7flix moved ahead of ELEVEN, SBS Food Network pipped SBS 2 and NITV drew a 0.0% share on 2 days.

GO!: 4.0
7TWO: 3.9
7mate: 3.7
ABC2: 3.1
ONE: 2.4
7flix / GEM: 2.3
9Life: 1.8
ABC News 24: 1.6
SBS Food Network: 1.0
SBS 2: 0.9
ABC3: 0.6
NITV: 0.1

Seven won the Demos. TEN took second in 16-39 and tied with Nine for 18-49.

Seven won every night except Wednesday, won by Nine. TEN beat Nine on Tuesday. ABC beat TEN on Monday and Saturday.

Seven was victorious in all cities except Sydney, which fell to Nine.


  1. Well considering its almost impossible to watch overseas drama on commercial FTA TV in a primetime slot seeing as its nearly all wall-to-wall reality I wouldn’t too carried away with the whole quaint Aussie drama is better than overseas drama stuff. And what about the bajillion viewers whom were streaming drama online/DVD or catching up with PVRs and viewing drama by other sources? Those rating numbers look pretty low to me if anything – Offspring/Lovechild and Winners and Losers have been flogged relentlessly on their respective networks and only managed around 700K.

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