Renewed: Please Like Me


Josh Thomas comedy Please Like Me has been renewed for a fourth season.

The show, which screens on ABC in Australia and Pivot in the US, will return for 6 new episodes featuring Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward, Hannah Gadsby, Debra Lawrance, David Roberts, Caitlin Stasey, Emily Barclay, Keegan Joyce, Renee Lim and talented cavoodle, John.

Filming will begin on the Great Ocean Road, for the next 5 weeks. Josh Thomas will direct half the series, with the other half helmed by Matthew Saville.

Rick Kalowski, ABC Head of Comedy, told TV Tonight, “It’s a testament to Please Like Me’s creative quality and brand-defining international reputation that it’s ABC’s first scripted comedy series in over 20 years to go to a fourth season – and it’s the best one yet.”

Please Like Me has picked up a swag of awards since it premiered in 2013 including AACTAs, AWGIEs, ADG Awards, plus nominations from the International Emmy Awards, the Rose d’Or Awards, GLAAD Media Awards and Josh Thomas voted in the Logie’s Most Popular Actor category. The show also remains one of iview’s biggest drawcards.

It will air later this year.


  1. Excellent news! Not just because I am a massive fan of Josh’s but it’s great to see an Aussie doing so well in the States, they so often don’t ‘get’ our humour. It’s awesome for the LGBTI community as well since the show isn’t about Josh being gay, it’s just part of who he is, which is a much more authentic way of telling a story.

  2. One of my all time favourite shows. I love all of the quirky characters and although it may not be laugh out loud funny, I always have a smile on my face from start to finish. It’s my feel good tonic! Great work Josh!

  3. Great news – I always enjoy PLM but agree that it is definitely an acquired taste and does border on the self -indulgent at times.
    Some great characters – especially fond of Josh’s mum, dad and chronically depressed Hannah.

  4. Surprised at this also, first two seasons were good, but it really lost its way in season three…. Let hope season 4 brings it back to its best….

    • Except Kath and Kim didn’t go to 4 seasons on ABC as Seven bought the rights.
      Please Like Me is an incredible show in so happy it’s continuing. 6 episodes should provide a nice tight program but I wish we had 10 episodes.

  5. Wow didn’t see this one coming, surely one of the worst shows of all time, didnt think it would last one episode (I couldn’t) Josh Thomas has about as much talent as a teaspoon but hey 4 seasons is a great achievement.

    • If I’d written that comment I would have received an email from David accusing me of being a troll.

      Anyway, whether you like the show or not, it’s a big achievement. In a rare glass-half-full moment, can I also say that it might open the doors to the US market for other Aussie shows (rather than our shows just being rewritten for US audiences).

      • Let’s be accurate. I asked you how constantly reiterating the same points was not trolling? You took the feedback on board and I thanked you for a reasoned response. This is standard editor / contributor stuff where individuals get ‘carried away’, to use your words. I haven’t noticed Paul reiterating the same points so there is no need to raise with him. I am moderating thousands of comments and on occasions need to raise points, hence asking users to maintain a working email. But it’s always a work in progress not a science. If you’re unhappy with my moderation or being open to email dialogue then you should raise it with me or read only. Thanks.

    • I didn’t see it coming either. I know that comedy is subjective, but I also don’t like this show and Josh’s acting in it. But nonetheless, great effort or making it reach four seasons. A great achievement for an Australian scripted comedy.

    • I would have been more surprised if it didn’t get renewed, sure it is not my cup of tea however it is a big show for ABC, especially as mentioned for iView and that demographic of people. Plus with it being a good earner due to overseas sales and praise from some of the top US and European TV makers (hence the International Emmy and Rose d’Or Awards Nominations), ABC aren’t going to put it to bed just yet.

  6. daveinprogress

    Backberner had 4 seasons. 1999,2000,2001 and 2002. Fully scripted comedy. Within that there were several commissioned series across those 4 years. Kath & Kim had at least 3 and some specials?

    • I’d put Backburner in the Light Entertainment category. Kath and Kim had 3 on the ABC. The 4th was on 7. The fact that it’s the first to go to 4 seasons is really more about how little narrative comedy was being produced for a long time. I have stated many times my disinterest in Please Like Me but I’m happy that there’s a 4th season for the people who enjoy it.

      • daveinprogress

        Hi Billy, you might put Backberner in the light ent category, but it was commissioned under comedy at the ABC and was twice nominated for the Logie for Outstanding Comedy Series. It was entirely scripted, no musical or improvised segments.

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