Vale: Jerry Doyle


US actor Jerry Doyle, best known as for Babylon 5, has died, aged 60.

“The family of Jerry Doyle is sad to announce Jerry’s passing,” the his official Twitter account announced. “The cause of death is unknown at this time.”

Doyle starred in the 1993 TV movie Babylon 5: The Gathering as security officer Michael Garibaldi before becoming a staple in the spin-off TV series. Babylon 5 kicked off in 1994 and ran a total of five seasons.

Other TV credits include Moonlighting, NYPD Blue, JAG, Sliders, Martial Law and Beverly Hills 90210.

Variety notes an autopsy is pending after he was found unresponsive in his Las Vegas home.


  1. Another cast member gone to soon! I’m so glad this was covered here, B5 is such an underrated show I think its time for a re-watch.

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