Wentworth fans in disbelief after intense finale

Die-hard Wentworth fans are torn over last night's knockout finale, and they have a message for the writers.


No Australian drama does intensity like Wentworth, and last night the season finale left fans breathless after Bea Smith was killed off in a showdown with Joan “The Freak” Ferguson.

The 4th season finale had been kept under wraps from media to avoid any Spoilers, and last night was clear why.

The episode saw Bea devastated over the loss of Allie (Kate Jenkinson). But in an ultimate sacrifice and revenge, Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) impaled herself onto a screwdriver held by Ferguson, thus framing the former governor for murder.

The episode marked the second on-screen death for Cormack this year following her demise as Scarlett Meagher in ABC’s Rake.

Cormack has been prominent across all 4 seasons of Wentworth, collecting Logie and ASTRA Awards along the way, and gathering a fervent fanbase. Last night, there were many on social media refusing to accept the writers had killed off Bea Smith.

Season 5 has already been confirmed.





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  1. Im sorry I will never watch it again No Be No Wentworth simple as that!!!! Most of my friends feel the same way!!! Bea is the heart and soul of wentworth you idiots!!!!

  2. This show is amazing but killing of bea was a wrong choice , I cant see how the writers would carry it on with Allie as it would be ovs she would probably kill the freak and then herself to be with bea. Why did you choose to kill bea and lose so many viewers and fans when you could of made it so bea kills the freak! As the freak has been given 9 lifes already and somehow being transferred to the prison she was ex governor in and then released into public population was far fetched and now she almost kills allie and kills bea lol

    Now season 5 will just be the same just without 1 or maybe 2 main characters missing (bea,allie) ,And the freak will go back away and claim self defence which it kinda was, Season 5 is going to be very interesting to see how vera can explain how bea was allowed into a public part of the prison without restraints and guards. when the freak was released , and…

  3. I’m absolutely gutted
    the producers need to write her back into season 5
    I won’t watch it without her in it
    all the heart ache she deserved a happy season .
    keep bus watching
    keep bea in we should start a protitiom people
    queen bea must stay
    love ya x

    1. Bea was a brilliant character, but c’mon Katie, there’s so much going on that season 5 is going to be deliciously dark. The wrath of Ally; the redemption of Kaz; the survival of The Freak; the potential destruction of Vera by her dangerous boyfriend…

      1. I’m with David, Tony. Early in it’s first season, Wentworth stood strongly on it’s own feet and quickly broke free of Prisoner’s legacy. Whether you loved or loathed the original, this is assured in its own fantastic identity. Give it a shot – I’ll happily refund your money personally if it disappoints.

  4. I Love this show I am on Wentworth Crack! Exceptional writing and the best cast ever. My coworkers use some of the terms at work. I am in disbelief but then again I didn’t think it would be good without Franky and I survived with just the cameos. This group has learned how to let each cast member shine in his or her own right. The match up between David and Goliath was perfect. The acting was superb but am I the only one that thought Ferguson was going tp kiss her? In a grand twist Ally survives. Loved the seahorses. I just love this show.

  5. I’ve avoided this story until now. Just finished it a couple of minutes ago and I’m bawling my eyes out. That was drama perfection. Immaculately executed with the cunning deftness of The Freak herself. And then, just when you think it’s over, that last moment. Holy **** – simply the best TV drama finale of recent years. Just astonishing.

  6. I thought it was a lacklustre season compared to the first three, I think killing off Bea could really freshen it up and besides it was getting over crowded in there! The Sonia Stevens story line had potential but went no where, even in the finale nothing really happened with it… But bring on S5!

    1. How can you say nothing happened in the Sonia storyline in the finale ?
      Her friends body was found and Sonia gave it away she killed her when she was shaving Maxine’s head and made those comments about head shaving.

      As David said,Liz’s reaction was priceless.

  7. The tension in the final showdown between Bea and The Freak was amazing, I can’t believe that she is dead, hopefully the writers have something in mind and we see more of Bea next year. Won’t be the same without her.

  8. Quality stuff indeed… But still outrated (albeit in the overnights) by a show that is probably available to the same amount of (maybe less) people… A show that arguably would only appeal to half of the country… And a show that may have caused greater twitter opinion. Story?

  9. That finale of Wentworth was one of the most intense, provocative and darn right extraordinary episodes of television I’ve ever seen. I still don’t know what to think. I am so very proud to call this show Australian, because it is hands down the best show on television right now. Everyone involved needs to be recognised. I mean everyone. And obviously Logies to each and every one of the primary cast in their respective categories. Jaw dropping and just plain great entertainment. Now what to do on Teal Tuesday’s…?

  10. Excellent season finale with an ending I doubt anyone could see coming.
    I thought they’d bump Frankie off,maybe by getting shot by Shane as he tries to gun down Jasper,but that ending was a doozy.

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