Couple unhappy with Australia’s Cheapest Weddings


“And Emma has always dreamt of being a Disney princess, but will her surprise talent leave everyone speechless?” -synopsis for Australia’s Cheapest Weddings.

A Queensland couple who feature in tomorrow night’s episode of Australia’s Cheapest Weddings are unhappy with the way they have been depicted in Seven promos.

At the wedding for the Maryborough couple Emma Dilliway, Emma can be seen singing “The Power of Love” to her groom Steven. So far the clip has attracted over 1.2m social media plays and plenty of mocking.

“I’m just shocked – I didn’t expect it to get a thousands views, but a million views is just crazy,” Emma told Fraser Coast News.

“I have pretty much been in tears the last few days and I haven’t wanted to go outside.

“They have taken a tiny bit of the day that just makes Steven and I’s wedding look really, really bad.

“They turned our special day into a joke.”

She said the clip edited out the background music, while New Idea and the Daily Mail have also referred to¬†“Bride’s cringeworthy songs horrifies groom” and “the bridesmaids also seemed confused by the performance”.

“Initially I thought it would be a great experience to have them there,” Steven¬†said.

“To receive the amount of negative flak over it has been horrible, considering the episode hasn’t even aired yet.”


  1. I’m failing to see what the title of the show has to do with the horrible idea to sing on national tv at the alter with that really bad singing voice. Of course you’ll be mocked and made fun of. It’s not even in context of a wedding show, she knew it wasn’t X factor.

  2. Every time a promo for this came on during the Olympics, it was pretty clear that the show should actually have been called “Let’s Mock Poor People”.

    • I recall hearing that the show was called something else during filming, and only retitled after filming to Cheapest Weddings. A participant had complained on facebook or something if I remember right.

    • They didn’t they signed up for Love & Beyond How disgusting of channel 7 to have such disrespect for these people and the most special day of their lives & then to change the name on them to Australia’s Cheaoest Weddings the only cheap thing about this show is the people who changed the name and Channel Seven I actually attended one of the weddings and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to

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