1. Maev....Sydney

    I was one of those watching SBS…well most of the night…did not care for Crimes of Passion replacement…..but the rest of the night was good…..
    I loved 800 Words…last season…not so happy with the story line this season…shame as Erik Thomson has never looked better…like a good wine…just keeps getting better…

  2. Sadly winners and losers is limping to the finish line. Another meh episode.

    Free to air is disappointing at the moment. There is very little to watch. At least the library has been a good source of entertainment of late. Currently watching season 1 of supergirl and a few weeks ago watched Nashville season 3.

    • I find this argument a bit tired. This year, with 7flix/9Life/SBS Food there are three new FTA channels. Plus the streaming platforms are showing more content. SBS has online only series like Trapped. ABC last night had a great doco in City in the Sky. At least this year, everywhere you turn doesn’t have TBBT repeats.

      • Everywhere you turn may not have tbbt repeats but there is truckloads of reality and movie reruns.

        More channels doesn’t necessarily translate into content of interest.

        I discussed the lack of content on free to air so not sure what streaming has to do with it. The two shows I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve been enjoying aren’t even available on streaming,

        • Movies are being repeated every few days, let alone weeks or months-also a great deal of ancient series and strange things like 10 using random eps of Star Trek Voyager as late night fillers-the list goes on…

    • Same. I cannot sit through more than a few minutes.

      I’m amazed that it beat The Block last night. Perhaps the Willy Wonka top hat dessert did it for them?

  3. Seven’s tacky promos no doubt helped Zumbo. I am amazed it has beaten The Block twice now. And TEN surely breathing a sigh of relief that Survivor lifted (and seems to be doing relatively well in the demos). I just remembering the other day that Survivor has started exactly like The Bachelor – early in the week and doing 600-700k (nothing too great at the time), but now look at it. I agree that keeping it off Sunday is better for the show — theres just nothing else they have to play instead. Still running with 7.30 can’t help.

  4. Fantastic episode of Survivor last night – that final Tribal Council twist was a real game changer! Really enjoying it.

    Watched Winners and Losers from last week – (busy week, hadn’t had a chance to catch up – hopefully i’ll be caught up properly by the finale) – it’s a shame it’s being given such a crappy timeslot for it’s last hurrah. I find 800 Words really dull in comparison, and don’t watch it – surely they could’ve kept W&L consistent for the last few weeks out of respect…

  5. Watched ZJD last night, but was on a phone call when they did the Willy Wonka dessert challenge. Was it explained how they were able to float the dessert dish? I missed a lot of that segment, unfortunately.

  6. Gee, none of the extra viewers who watched hot seat on Monday night stuck around.
    Survivor is doing better than anything ten has had on at this time of year for yonks. If it can keep its head above 700k, it might just score a renewal

    • I agree. I still contend that the more viewers get to know the survivors, the more loyal they eill become. Last night’s tribal was fantastic. I hope producers have more of these little twists on the US version – keeps us hooked!

  7. Interestingly Survivor beat the Block and Zumbo in 2/3 demos and 2nd in the oldest demo. Look as though all 3 shows are doing OK, but nothing stellar.

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