The Kettering Incident ripe for renewal


As local Pay TV dramas go, The Kettering Incident was a hit for Foxtel.

The final episode on Monday night drew 151,000 viewers as the top-rated non-sports show on STV on Monday -similar territory to Wentworth, Gogglebox and The Real Housewives of Melbourne.
There was a further 61,000 on Tuesday night, plus various Timeshifted and Catch-up to come.

It consistently drew high figures across its season and critical praise for its atmospheric style and lush Tasmanian results.

But not everything was resolved in the final episode for Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) which begs the question, will Foxtel leave viewers dangling or lure them back with more from writer Vicki Madden?

Penny Win, Foxtel’s Head of Drama, told TV Tonight, “We are absolutely thrilled with the incredible response we’ve had to The Kettering Incident, it has been a monumental success for Foxtel.

“We are looking at story ideas with the producers, however we have no announcement at this stage.”


  1. I really loved it too….up until the finale.
    Worst ending to what has been one of the best local dramas for a long time.
    Agree with others that it was extremely frustrating to be just left hanging like that with no satisfactory resolution. Felt really ripped off after investing so much time in it.
    Loved the slow-burner pace and brooding atmosphere and landscape. Agree it was similar to The Returned in tone, as well as Top of The Lake.
    Liked it enough to come back for more if there were to be a second season as I’m a sucker for this genre.

  2. Watched the whole lot, and really wanted to like it, but would end up looking at the screen thinking “huh” lots of continuity errors, to many jump cuts ( you don’t stand at the back of a car then in the next shot drive the car away) and the colour grade was pretty average. However is you put all that aside is was ok.

    • Agree with all of this, especially the jump cuts. The editing in general was too clever by half and thus for me at least it just made it harder work to watch. In general The Kettering Incident reminded me a lot of the French series The Returned (Les Revenants): lots of brooding landscapes and individuals, lack of continuity, plot changes that didn’t go anywhere, confusing and unfulfilling ending, but despite all of that it kept you watching just in case.

  3. I really loved it.. yes a very slow burn but that was apparent from the first episode.. Acting, cinematography was really good.
    I’m hoping for a second season.

  4. I must be one of the few who quite liked the ending. I don’t mind when you are not spoon fed all the answers. In saying that though, it still answered the 2 main plot lines of the series (what happened to Jillian and who killed Chloe) so I’m not sure why people are complaining so much.
    I loved the show, I can see how it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste as yes it was slow paced but that’s how it was meant to be. I found it still very engaging.

    • They haven’t revealed what happened to Gillian (with a G). As for the killer of Chloe, I find it totally random – it made no absolutely sense.

    • So do I. And the fact is that the show filmed two years ago and it was supposed to be out last year. Elizabeth Debicki is on her way to the top. Will she have free time to do the show?

  5. I haven’t watched the end yet, but unresolved? Oh, great. The only thing that kept me hanging in was the hope it might have a decent ending. The show moved at a glacier pace and the never ending swanning about in a big coat with a pensive look on Anna’s face was really wearing thin. Too many of these shows have a slow build that leads nowhere.

  6. What was the story line in this show? I found it extremely difficult to follow, and pretty boring. I struggled to get through 4 episodes and that was enough for me.

    Wentworth on foxtel and Janet King on ABC are far more compelling and entertaining aussie dramas in my opinion.

    More aussie drama on TV is a good thing though.

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