10 couples for bumper Married at First Sight 2017

20 strangers to "wed" at the altar and kick off Nine's 2017.


Last night Nine revealed Married at First Sight would feature 10 couples in 2017.

The surprise announcement follows confirmation that an extended season would kick off Nine’s year against Seven’s My Kitchen Rules.

Nine got off to a poor start in 2016, lacking a stripped format at the top of the year but it is determined not to make the same mistake next year. Married has been a hit for Nine with two seasons this year (including one brought forward to a 7:30pm timeslot). It looks set to do the same next February.

Production has moved from Nine internal to Endemol Shine Australia, headed by the Fennessy brothers who were at FremantleMedia Australia when both MasterChef and The Biggest Loser moved from weekly to stripped formats.

Married at First Sight will become a ‘multiple night’ season early next year.

Tonight 4 remaining couples will decide if they will continue their new found romance -with same-sex partners Andy & Craig already having parted ways. One couple from each of the previous two seasons remain together, including with a MAFS baby on the way.

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  1. When Morgan Spurlock made the documentary “Super Size Me” that resulted in US McDonald’s restaurants getting rid of the Supersize option of fries and soft drink.

    Maybe we need another sort of documentary that hopefully results in TV networks stop supersizing their reality shows. I’m not saying kill all reality shows (I like some of them, not MAFS) but reduce the amount of episodes in a season and only have 1 season per reality show a year. (Channel 10 should not get away with hosting the same sort of format twice in one year with The Bachelor and Bachelorette)

  2. Do Endemol Shine have a bigger deal with Nine? The seem to be putting all their production through them – they are apparently doing the new cooking show also.

  3. Kill the goose that lays the golden egg. So this show is now the ‘new Block’ for Nine? Is Nine the only commercial network that currently shows multiple seasons of the same show per year? From memory, Ten stopped that since the Masterchef ‘derivatives’ and Seven abandoned its multiple seasons of House Rules.

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