60 Minutes: Sept 4


On Sunday 60 Minutes meets Marcela Del Sol who has dissociative identity disorder, the same condition depicted by Toni Collette in United States of Tara.

The Sum of Us
If you ever bumped into Marcela Del Sol walking down the street you might be confused. She is kind and friendly but suffers from an illness which means she’s not always herself. Sometimes she’s a completely different woman: Lola, Angel or Bella. Sometimes she is even a man – the curmudgeonly Chris. In total, Marcela shares her body with seven different personalities. It’s called dissociative identity disorder and it’s one of the ways the brain copes with severe trauma. Despite the terrible impact DID is having on her life, Marcela wants to share her experience in the hope that others will be more tolerant.
Reporter: Peter Stefanovic
Producers: Jo Townsend and Sean Power

Plane Wrong
In the rugged and spectacular frontier of Papua New Guinea there’s an outrageous treasure hunt going on Old war planes, bombers and fighters, that once flew in the battles to save Australia against the advancing Japanese during World War II are being plundered from the jungle. In a major investigation, Ross Coulthart uncovers a black-market trade in the historic wrecks which are in demand by collectors and museums around the world. The problem is the warbirds, some of which are worth millions of dollars, belong to the government and people of PNG, although that seems to be no deterrent to Australian Robert Greinert.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producer: Gareth Harvey

His name is as distinctive as Yves St Laurent and Christian Dior, but Napoleon Perdis is an Australian success story. He’s the boy from Parramatta, the son of Greek immigrants, who has made his name by making women – and some men – beautiful. Even world-famous celebrities line up to have Napoleon work his make-up magic on their pampered faces. Napoleon’s cosmetics business is now big business that has made him very wealthy, but it’s nothing compared to the most precious thing in his life: his family.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Grace Tobin

Sunday at 8.30pm on Nine.

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