1. Survivor does not have broader appeal as the show is over 15 Years old .The American version didn’t exactly set the ratings on fire after the first few seasons so how was a local version going to rate any better.

  2. I don’t mind.800 words as it’s got a little bit of a sea changy vibe to it and interesting visuals . But yes the erik Thompson voice over had me thinking is that you Dave Rafter

  3. Armchair Analyst

    Agree with other commenters on this story. MAFS is boring. they are not even married legally and they give up because of a very plausible reason. Which is that people need to date and maybe live together first before marrying. This marrying when u haven’t met the person before is ridiculous. It feeds into that stupid and rare notion that that u can fall in love at first sight and that u can therfore marry imidiatley after that. this show has succeeded in getting atention. Iam over these kinds of shows including Survivor its all the same.

  4. Why would you bother watching MAFS…they aren’t legally married to each other and it has just been confirmed all the couples have split up…..I do not get it !
    I agree with Den….I cannot understand why Survivor isn’t rating better.

    • jezza the first original one

      I am a big Survivor fan, but do undestand that it doesn’t always have broader appeal. Ch9 messed with the US version too much, pushing it out to 9.30 start from 8.30 on GO. So its not a mainstream show at the moment and may take a couple of series to build its audience if ch10 stick with it. The quality compares favourably with the US version, but the local one may need a few tweaks. Oh and yeah I am a big fan of Phoebe…..and also Brooke

  5. I think Channel 10 would be happy with the demos for Survivor. I hope too it’s renewed for 2017, because I’m enjoying it – good production values, Jonathan is a decent host, and the last few episodes have been enthralling.
    800 Words looks like a problem for Seven – my impression, albeit based on only one episode, is that it’s essentially “Packed to the Rafters” relocated to New Zealand…….Rebecca Gibney popping up in the series at some stage wouldn’t surprise me either

    • I missed all the promos, and haven’t seen it yet. But am amazed that after a great start last year it is tracking as well with a poor lead in! I am still enjoying it and worry that it may get the chop now.
      Ch9 seem to be attempting to launch some new Aussie dramas. I wish they weren’t all going to be on at the same time and same part of the year.

  6. Reruns of Highway Patrol top the multichannels, yet Seven’s main channel doesn’t play out the remaining new episodes of the latest season it paused on before the Olympics!? With Seven having a few shows performing below par, you’d think they might bring on the next wave of shows.

  7. Watched ACA last night haven’t watched in quite awhile. What that poor girl went through in that shipping container!! I bawled my eyes out! ? Absolutely shocking. Some really messed up people out there! And his sentence 8 years could be out in 3!! Court system is a joke. ?

    • I am a Survivor tragic so may be biased but I don’t know either. I love the US version and what is amazing is that after 10,000 series (give or take a few…) it still manages to be entertaining.

      I mean really, Survivor v MAFS and people actually choose to watch the latter…the mind boggles.

    • I agree it’s great TV, but it doesn’t rate better for so many reasons.
      I think it’s biggest downfall is keeping the Sunday episode up against The Blocks highest rating night. With tribal council every episode you miss some pretty pivotal plot points if you miss just one episode. TEN should probably have conceded Sunday nights and kept it to a Mon-Tue outing. It also has to build from some pretty poor lead ins. When you look at other channels their 7.30 shows come off the back of 1+ million viewers, Survivor follows the project which does 680k on a good night.
      Some say it’s also a niche show which doesn’t appeal to the audience of say.. The Big Music Quiz.
      So there are so many reasons why it’s not rating better, but that’s not to say it’s not a slick production. I’ve been watching on and off and have enjoyed every bit I’ve seen. Especially the amount of power play and…

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