Next stop, Magnum P.I. sequel.

Move over son of MacGyver, daughter of Magnum is on the way.


More reboots and sequels are in development in the US with ABC developing a Magnum P.I. sequel, focussing on the daughter of the character played by Tom Selleck for 8 seasons.

It follows Magnum‘s daughter, Lily “Tommy” Magnum, who returns to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her father’s PI firm. She and her friends mix tropical beaches with the seedy underbelly of international crime and modern espionage, even as she tries to unravel the mystery of the blown spy operation that ended her career in Navy intelligence.

The new project comes from producers John Rogers (Leverage) and Eva Longoria (Devious Maids).

Reboots and sequels continue to remain in high demand in the US. The upcoming broadcast season includes MacGyver, Training Day, Frequency, Lethal Weapon, 24: Legacy, The Exorcist, Prison Break and Taken. Already in the works are reboots of The Lost Boys, Varsity Blues, The Departed, Let the Right One In and L.A. Law.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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