Oops. News Corp hasn’t noticed Nine’s US Survivor -for 32 seasons.

2016-09-22_1635Oh dear.

An article at the Daily Telegraph has given Nine a serve for apparently jumping on the Survivor bandwagon and having the nerve to screen the new US season with Jeff Probst.

“We at Confidential were slightly bemused yesterday to receive a press release touting Survivor — from Channel Nine,” it notes.

“While Ten has invested in a local version of the longstanding format, Nine has opted to screen the 33rd season of the adventure-reality series made in the USA.”


“This isn’t the first time that the Nine network has imported an American format to compete with Ten’s local version,” it suggests, claiming Nine screened the US Bachelor after TEN launched its local version.

I have no idea what planet they are on, but let’s get a few things straight.

US Survivor debuted on Nine back in 2000 with the inaugural winner Richard Hatch. Nude guy. Look him up. Since then we’ve had about 32 seasons. Nine actually even attempted its own local version back in 2002. It was pretty lousy. Seven even screened a Celebrity version in 2006 won by Guy Leech (spoiler alert in case you hadn’t heard?).

US Survivor been screened on Nine and GO! for years, usually twice a year. The suggestion that Nine is reacting to the local series is as batshit crazy as Johnny Fairplay saying his grandmother had died. Or as conspiratorial as Russell Hantz on a good day.

While we’re at it, The Bachelor first screened on Nine in 2002. Good on TEN for making successful local versions of both but let’s not rewrite history.

Survivor S33 returned in the US today and is back on Nine next Thursday night following The Footy Show. That’s certainly not as prompt as the same day screenings we’ve had for years on GO! and diehard fans are none too pleased. It does suggest Nine is seeking to benefit from the extra noise in the marketplace. But to suggest it’s raining on TEN’s parade is a helluva stretch.

Oh and next Thursday is still September -meaning it isn’t kicking off next month as suggested, either.

Tribe has spoken.


  1. Do we know what time Survivor will screen on 9 the week after the Footy Show finale? Better be at a reasonable time of 9:30 or something similar. If they put it after a re-run movie I’ll be mightily pissed.

  2. Sorry Nine, but waaaaay back you ruined it for a lot of viewers in chopping and changing air times! Early evening to then showing close to or at midnight! There wasn’t even access to watch the show otherwise but now you’re still unable to Fast Track it close to US air time… give me a break.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      “Nine has always fast tracked this series.”
      Rubbish! Your love for Nine has again blinded you to reality. There are plenty of series that they have delayed by months or, in some cases, years. They also held off on playing the final ep(s) of some series until they started to broadcast the following season.

      And people did complain, to no avail. They’re haven’t been as bad lately.

  3. Survivor has generally been treated well by Nine, particularly with fast tracking the last few years. However I have to completely disagree on Bachelor/Bachelorette. This was shown at odd/late times and zero promotion and massively delayed from the US broadcast. However since Ten had made hit of the franchise here, Nine have given it a prime time slot, fast tracked, with promos on the main channel during nightly News etc ok. So on this show they have completely tried to rain on Ten’s parade. Yes it’s competition but you can still make the point.

    • “clickbait” is very much a key word here. As these apparent “exclusives” hit the web before they hit print, it’s all a rush job. Grammar is often extremely poor, facts unchecked & temporary headlines very misleading. But you know, change & technology is 100% positive.

    • Even their URL “news.com.au” is click bait! They haven’t reported facts in years, it’s all “comedic” opinion pieces with absolutely no use of the spell check or proof reading, and written to entertain the LCDs of the country. I’ve given up on the site altogether now

  4. Not surprising given the same publication claimed on yesterday’s front page that the JonBenet Ramsay murder mystery had now been “solved”. Solved? Turn to page 19 where it was better described as a “theory”. Saw this in a cafe as I sure wouldn’t pay for such poor ‘journalism’.

  5. News Corp papers devote a lot of space to channel Ten shows. Endless articles about Masterchef, The Bachelor, Offspring, the Project & even the Wrong Girl. Nothing much on other network shows.

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