Reminder: Live shows move to AEDT for Daylight Saving

Beware of social media spoiling TV if you are not on AEDT next week!


It’s that time of year.

Daylight Saving takes effect in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and ACT on Sunday, which will impact on Live shows for viewers in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Sunrise, Today and ABC News Breakfast will screen AEDT with delays for others -but ABC News Breakfast remains Live on ABC News 24. Some have been known to switch Live into local regions when big news breaks, especially in relation to weather or bushfires.

The Morning Show, Today Extra, Studio 10, The Project, Insiders, The Daily Edition, 7:30, A Current Affair, The Drum, The Feed will all air AEDT.

Q&A is AEDT but streams Live on iview and airs Live on ABC News 24: 9:05pm SA, 8:35pm QLD, 8:05pm NT and 6:35pm WA. It remains 9:35pm locally on ABC but Twitter messages maybe affected.

Lateline will be Live for those in AEDT at 9:30pm on News 24, and locally around 10:30 in all states on ABC.

Fans of The X Factor may need to be mindful of social media, especially in relation to Results and eliminations. AEDT voting times are expected to apply.

Sports will also be affected over summer.

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  1. Currently have 3 hours of daylight before work but none at all after work by the time I get home – so thankful for daylight saving giving an hour after work (and more as sunset gets later) to do things outdoors with kids, etc which you can’t do in the morning.

  2. There’s a mistake in the article:
    “Q&A is AEDT but streams Live on iview and airs Live on ABC News 24: SA 9.05pm; NT 9.05pm; WA 7.35pm.” is incorrect.

    Under AEDT, Q&A would air at 9:35pm AEDT, which is 9:05pm SA, 8:35pm QLD, 8:05pm NT and 6:35pm WA.

  3. Foxtel’s Arena channel has reversed the playing order of ‘Days Of Our Lives’ and ‘Young and the Restless’ from this Monday, October 3rd. If this isn’t related to daylight saving, why do it?

  4. Yip, if not for the fading curtains and stupid cows that do not understand daylight savings, we could have joined in!

    So we will just be woken up at 4.45 a.m by the laughing kookaburras and put the lights on at 6.30 p.m. for a few months.

    1. I’ve always maintained that us in the northern states would be better off with daylight savings the other way around, in winter. At least then dawn would be at roughly the same time throughout the year, and the summer heat wouldn’t _seem_ any hotter & longer than it already is.

      (I’ve also always maintained that if a state chooses to change their clocks, then they’ve abrogated any right to ridicule others that don’t. Don’t like other states being “out of step”? Then don’t fiddle with your clock, you fools! 😉 )

      1. If we had daylight saving in Winter in QLD, dawn would not be roughly the same time all year, it would be pushed even further apart than it is now.

        For example, in Brisbane, dawn is as early as 4:18am in Summer currently. In Winter, if daylight saving was added, dawn would be as late as 7:13am, instead of the 6:13am it is now.

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